The Town of Eagle and Mountain Recreation are fully committed to replacing the Eagle Pool for the 2025 season. Here, you’ll find the latest updates, understand where we are in the process, and see the many hands and resources that go into building our new Eagle Pool.

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To see a simplified timeline of what the Town and Mountain Rec have done since the pool was officially closed for the 2022 season, and see what’s ahead, click below: 

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Join the Town of Eagle and Mountain Recreation for community feedback sessions in the fall and winter of 2023! Check out more details below:

  • December 7, 2023 Open House:
    District residents have something to look forward to with great anticipation, as the initial design concept for the Eagle Pool Replacement Project will be up on display at a community open house on Thursday, December 7th from 4:00pm to 6:30pm at the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink. LEARN MORE

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  • Project TeamOwner's Rep | Design Team | Construction Manager

    Following multiple Request for Qualification’s and Proposals from June through August 2023, the Town of Eagle and Mountain Recreation have selected the following firms to form the Eagle Pool Replacement Project team:

    • Owner’s Representative: Dynamic Program Management
    • Architectural and Engineering: Ohlson Lavoie Corporation
    • Construction Manager/General Contractor: JHL Constructors
  • FAQsFrequently Asked Questions
    • Why is it $13M?!
      You are right, the sticker shock is real. Unfortunately, the cost of construction in the Eagle River Valley has drastically outpaced inflation. We believe the price, which was determined by the design consultants, is accurate – and we plan to utilize common project strategies to reduce costs and speed up the delivery timeline, such as securing a guaranteed project price and using on-the-spot value engineering and material sourcing.
    • Who owns the pool and how do Mountain Rec and Town of Eagle work together?
      The Town of Eagle and Mountain Rec own equal shares of the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink. The duo partnered to build the facility in 2003 and have since managed operations as laid out in their intergovernmental agreement (IGA) governing the relationship. Mountain Rec operates the facility and is responsible for the annual operating deficit. As the facility’s construction, ownership, and operation are governed by the IGA, the lead representatives are jointly the Town Council and Mountain Rec Board. A joint staff team was formed to manage the forensic study and consultant review of the condition of the pool, and now its future reconstruction. That staff team has been reporting to the joint boards throughout.
    • Will the community be able to provide feedback on the design of the pool?
      YES! Once the initial design and cost estimates have been completed, the community will be asked to provide feedback. Keep an eye out in the fall for community engagement opportunities and schedules.
    • Why can’t we open the current pool while we work on a replacement?
      We would love for this to be an option! Unfortunately, it is not safe nor is it fiscally responsible. Currently the water levels are not even throughout the pool due to leaks, and do not allow for safe filtration to meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Given the significant leaks that compromise the pool’s filtration, it would require a significant amount of money and time to be operational.  
    • Why wasn’t the pool properly maintained?
      The Town and Mountain Rec staff have done everything in their power to maintain the pool over its twenty-year lifespan – including receiving support from various third-party professional pool agencies. Our mountain environment and soil have made it very difficult to maintain a pool for more than twenty years. The first pool in Eagle was built around 1980 and it required a full replacement in 2003, which is when the current pool was constructed. The Eagle Pool has encountered a series of issues over its twenty-year lifetime, many related to poor subsurface soils. The southwest corner of the lap pool dropped enough in 2014 to require repair in the off-season. Leaking underground mechanical system pipes were repaired in 2017 after a mid-season closure. While the pool was safely opened for the season in 2021, Mountain Rec and Town staff could not have forecasted that the subsurface would move as much as it did the following winter, which lead to the pool’s closure. Throughout the pool’s lifespan the Town and Mountain Rec have funded repairs, through annual contributions to a shared capital fund. In 2018, given the ongoing challenges maintaining the pool and anticipating the situation that exists today, both increased their annual allocation from $25,000 to $50,000 each. When the fund was established twenty years ago, it was not designed to fund a full replacement of the pool, however.
    • Why are there plans to work on/expand the locker rooms and restrooms?
      Put simply, we need to expand the locker rooms and restrooms in order to keep up with the community’s year-round use of the facility – now and in the future. Currently, we do not have enough locker room space to accommodate our changing hockey community, and the restrooms will need to be updated to meet new building code requirements and expanded bather load estimates.


    • Will the new pool be re-located per the Haymaker Trailhead Master Plan?
      In November 2022 staff hired Barker Rinker Seacat (BRS) to explore this question further. BRS spent the next three months analyzing considerations and costs associated with replacing the pool in its current location or relocating the pool to its prescribed location in the Haymaker Trailhead Master Plan. The Mountain Rec Board and Town of Eagle Town Council met in February 2023. They were presented with information for each option including conceptual plans, conceptual construction cost estimates, service delivery limitations and opportunities, and operating cost impacts.  With this information in hand, the Mountain Rec Board and Town Council unanimously agreed to replace the pool in its current location, after the analysis revealed that it would be possible to deliver on the community’s interest for future recreation services like health and wellness, additional ice, and gym spaces in Eagle. Keeping the pool in its current location also allows for a more manageable cost figure for each entity who are partners and co-owners of the Eagle Pool.
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    Have a question that hasn’t been addressed in our FAQs?
    Kindly fill out the below form to contact the Eagle Pool Replacement Project team, which includes representatives from Mountain Recreation and the Town of Eagle.


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