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Oct 5 Opening Information

The Edwards Field House will be open to the public starting Monday, October 5! We have made some changes to our procedures and protocols to keep us all safe and having fun this fall and winter. Guests will have access to regular Mountain Rec programming as well as access to our fitness studio, Circus Jam & Anti-Gravity Drop-ins.

Please know that your health and safety are very important to us, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we figure things out during this first phase of reopening.  We ask that everyone abide by the following commitments to allow us to remain open and healthy:

  1. I will maintain 6 feet of social distance.
  2. I will wash my hands often.
  3. I will cover my face in public.
    *Face coverings required inside the Edwards Field House
  4. I will stay home when I am sick.
  5. I will get tested immediately if I have symptoms.

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  • Your Promise to Others
    • Face coverings are required for all guests ages 3 and older when entering and moving within any Mountain Rec facility and participating in any indoor program.
    • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your schedule program/activity to allow guests to exit the building safely with social distancing in mind. Please be ready to exit the building when your program/activity is over.
    • Entering the facility: Please use the far two right doors as you are looking at the building (signage posted). As you enter the building, please check in at the front desk with staff, whether for Mountain Recreation programs or other programs. After checking in you may go to your specific area in the building. There will be 6 foot markers on the floor for patrons to distance at the front desk.
    • Exiting the Facility: When exiting the facility, please exit around the front desk, passing the sport court along the right side of the front desk. You will then exit through the two right doors
      (as you are looking at the doors).
    • Bring only what you need and can keep with you.
    • Please bring your own full water bottle and refrain from using the drinking fountains. Bottle fillers will be available.
    • Observe proper social distancing while using the facility and stay six feet from your nearest neighbor or staff member. Even if you are related or live together, help set the example for all guests.
    • Practice proper gym etiquette by sanitizing equipment and accessories before and after each use.
    • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands before and after facility use, refraining from touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and coughing or sneezing into your elbow. Please blow your nose in the restroom where you can immediately wash your hands. Remember that you can still spread your joy without spreading your germs!
    • If you are sick or not feeling well, please consider the health and wellness of your fellow patrons and stay home. Just don’t stay away forever! We would miss you.
    • Failure to follow rules or staff instructions will result in loss of privileges.


  • Our Promise to You
    • Mountain Rec staff will be present to assist with check-in and ensure that all guests adhere to the new regulations and practice appropriate social distancing.
    • Reminders, guidelines, and announcements regarding healthy and safety precautions, expectations, and requirements will be visible throughout the facility.
    • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be available for use throughout the facility and bathrooms will have ample soap for hand washing.
    • In addition to nightly deep cleanings, high-touch points will be treated with disinfectant every two hours by staff. As many interior doors as possible will be propped open to reduce the number of high-touch areas.
    • Social distancing floor markers will be provided throughout the facility to assist guests in their efforts to give others the appropriate amount of space.
    • Only staff feeling healthy and well will be accepting shifts. All Mountain Recreation staff will be encouraged to practice caution and required to sign an acknowledgement that they have not been demonstrating any of the following symptoms:
      • Headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain


The Edwards Field House is the only facility in Eagle County with indoor turf for soccer and lacrosse.

Everyone in Edwards can be courageous! This incredible facility’s fear-challenging amenities include a full-size gymnastics center, trampoline area, climbing and bouldering walls. Test your limits! Friendly competition on the 15,000 square foot indoor turf field or indoor basketball court make smiles appear daily. Programs offered range from summer and “school’s out” camps for kids; to gymnastics classes, fitness programs, and adult sports leagues. The Edwards Field House gives you options to live your version of healthy and happy all year round!

View the social distancing protocol as required by Eagle County Public Health Orders. View additional facility protocols HERE.

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