Our specialty camps offer kids from Gypsum to Edwards access to tailored camps for all ages and abilities. We will discover new skills and forge lasting friendships through engaging activities in a variety of disciplines.

NEW! Video Production Series

We want to support and connect young people with their peers to form a community of artists that can grow and develop together.

Our video production series in partnership with High Five Access Media (HFAM) will include sessions on storytelling, claymation and green screening. These courses were created to allow your child to develop creative and technical skills in digital film and media production.

Topics: See below for full descriptions
Cost: $50 per session
Ages: 12-16
Time: Thursdays, 3:30pm-5:30pm (Oct 24, Nov 14 & Dec 12)
Location: Edwards Field House

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video production series details

  • Storytelling Thursday, Oct 24

    Sharing stories is a traditional method of passing along history, morals and information. Evoking an emotional response such as love, sadness or joy reinforces the message for the audience. This workshop uses comedy as a vehicle for storytelling while students learn the basics of video and audio. The group will choose a skit such as a gameshow, talkshow or Catfish to tell their story.

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  • ClaymationThursday, Nov 14

    Claymation involves bringing vivid, three-dimensional figures and scenes to life. In this workshop, participants will build plasticine monsters and animate them in a stop motion short story.

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  • Green ScreenThursday, Dec 12

    The green screen brings any setting, indeed, the world, to you. In this workshop, students will paint their hands to create three-dimensional characters to be superimposed, or green screened, upon animated backgrounds they’ve drawn.

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