COVID-19 Update: If we need to cancel this program due to public health orders registration fees will be refunded as a credit on the household account in CivicRec.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email info@MountainRec.org.

This American Red Cross training is for boys and girls around the ages of 11-15 to learn about the business of babysitting, caring for children and infants, making responsible decisions, and handling emergencies. This course includes CPR and First Aid training. The class is $78 per future babysitter!

2020 Class Information
SessionClass DateReg Opens/Closes
One (Gypsum)Jan 20Dec 21 (2019)/Jan 17
Two (Gypsum)---NA
Three (Eagle) Cancelled---NA
Four (Gypsum)Nov 23Sep 1/Nov 20

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