Due to Eagle County’s Public Health Order, this program is not currently running.

We hope to open this program under the blue square phase of the transition trail map of the public health order transition plan. As we receive more information from Public Health officials, we will let you know about any changes or openings via email. Sign up for email alerts today!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email info@MountainRec.org.

This American Red Cross training is for boys and girls around the ages of 11-15 to learn about the business of babysitting, caring for children and infants, making responsible decisions, and handling emergencies. This course includes CPR and First Aid training. The class is $78 per future babysitter!

2020 Class Information
SessionClass DateReg Opens/Closes
One (Gypsum)Jan 20Dec 21 (2019)/Jan 17
Two (Gypsum)---NA
Three (Eagle) Cancelled---NA
Four (Gypsum) TentativeOct 12Aug 22/Oct 9

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