Our E-Sports Lounge located at the Edwards Field House has the latest technology and knowledge to help anyone enhance their gaming skills. If you’re new to the sport we offer a wide variety of camps and tournaments for just about any game you’re looking for. Whether you’re here to hone your skills, meet and beat your friends, or learn about safely engaging in online and tournament play this place is for you.

Coming soon! Birthday Parties and Drop-Ins (ask at the front desk for more info)


ESports Lounge Rules
Edwards Field House Info

Upcoming 2023 Tournaments

  • Madden '24 Tournament (TBD)August 11 (5pm-8pm) | Ages 7+

    This will be a tournament style Madden tournament. Game play will take place on Xbox systems. Come bring your Madden talents and compete for prizes, with pizza and usage of other areas of the field house!

    Ages: 7+ (co-rec)
    Time: 5pm-8pm
    Price: $20/person

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  • FIFA '23 Tournament (XBox)September 15 (5-8pm) | Ages 7+

    We will be hosting a FIFA ‘23 tournament for any and all ages 7 and up. There will be pizza, prizes, along with use of the sport court, turf field, and climbing wall during the tournament. This is an individual tournament and registration. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, you must be here for this exciting tournament! Time frame and tournament structure will be dependent on number of registrations.

    Ages: 7+ (co-rec)
    Time: 5pm-8pm
    Price: $20/person

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ESports Lounge Info

  • Gaming Consoles

    The Edwards Esports Lounge is fitted with an Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and three Nintendo Switch systems. Current available games are Fortnite, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and FIFA 23 (with more to come).

  • Lounge Rules

    Maximum Room Capacity: 20 people
    Capacity for consoles: 8 player per console

    Esports Lounge Rules:

    1. Players of all ages are allowed to utilize the game lounge.  Games will be restricted by birthday and in accordance with the ESRB rating system unless parent permission allows otherwise. 
    2. Parents of minor children must complete a waiver prior to utilizing any of the consoles or computers. 
    3. Children under 8 must be attended by an adult at all times. 
    4. Players are allowed to bring in their own consoles, accessories or games at their own risk.  Mountain Recreation staff are not responsible for lost or stolen personal accessories, consoles or games.  All equipment and games must be approved by the esports staff.   
    5. No outside food or drink allowed.  Water bottles with closeable lids are allowed.  Vending is available for those that need a snack or drink.   
    6. Players are not allowed to charge their phones or insert any device into computers or consoles without consent from esports staff. 
    7. No lockers are available to lock valuables.   
    8. Gamer integrity: No cheating or illegal activity allowed.


    Appropriate social behavior is requested for all programs and facility use.  Individuals are encouraged to act in a way that will not physically, mentally or emotionally hurt another person.

    A participant/patron may be asked to withdraw from a class or program, or to leave the facility if behavior does not comply with program and/or facility standards.

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