Ascent Gymnastics is Mountain Rec’s competitive gymnastics program. This advanced class offers gymnasts a safe place to develop their competitive routines and skills needed to achieve all competition levels. Gymnasts train 2, 3, or 4 times a week depending on level and travel across Colorado and neighboring states to compete. For kids ages 5-18, available in Edwards and Gypsum. Price varies per session, competition fee required to compete.

Gymnasts must complete levels 1, 2, 3 and pre-team in our Youth Gymnastics program and receive an invite from the Gymnastics Supervisor before joining Team.

2023 Competition Schedule

  • Ascent Gymnastics ClassicHome Meet in Gypsum, CO

    March 25th & 26th, 2023

    Sanction: # 84880
    Levels: Xcel Levels Bronze-Sapphire
    Meet Format: Modified Capitol Cup: there will be two sets of equipment, except for floor

    Vault ………………….. One AAI Tac 10 Table & One GMR Table
    Bars …………………… Two AAI constant tension sets
    Beam …………………. Newly re-covered beams
    Floor ………………….. Spieth Anderson

    Awards: Event ribbons, all-around medals, and team trophies

    Spectator Fee: $5 per session (kids 3 and under are free)
    – Includes entry into the meet and use of recreation center and pool
    – Competing gymnasts can use the pool after their competition for free

    Questions? Please contact:
    Becky Johnson – Gymnastics Supervisor
    BMJohnson@MountainRec.org or at (970) 688-7372

  • Competition ScheduleJanuary-June 2023
    DateMeetLocation Level
    Jan 20Intrasquad- Practice Meet Edwards, COGold, Platinum & Diamond
    Jan 27-29San Diego ClassicSan Diego, CAGold, Platinum & Diamond
    Feb 11-12Timberline Winter Wonderland Fort Collins, COGold, Platinum & Diamond
    Feb 24-26Black CanyonMontrose, COGold, Platinum & Diamond
    Mar 3Intrasquad- Practice Meet Gypsum Recreation CenterSilver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond
    Mar 10-12Best of the West Grand Junction, COSilver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond
    Mar 25-26Ascent ClassicGypsum Recreation CenterSilver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond
    Mar 30-Apr 2Gold State Meet-Peak AthleticsLittleton, COGold
    Apr 14-24Platinum & Diamond State- Xtreme AltitudeLafayette, COPlatinum & Diamond
    Apr 22-24Colorado Gymnastics InstituteAurora, COSilver
    Apr 28-30Gold RegionalsHouston, TXGold
    May 5-7Platinum & Diamond Regionals- Arapahoe County Event Center Aurora, COPlatinum & Diamond
    May 19-21Xtreme XtravaganzaLafayette, COSilver
    Jun 2-4Silver State Meet- CGIAurora, COSilver

Important Info

  • Ascent Gymnastics LevelsSilver, Gold, Platinum, & Diamond

    Similar to the Developmental Program level 3, Silver is considered a compulsory level where all gymnasts will have the same competitive routines.  These gymnasts typically train 2 times week and will have the opportunity to qualify for the State competition.

    Similar to the Developmental Program levels 4&5, Gold is considered our first optional competition level. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to showcase their strengths in routines while meeting specific level requirements. These gymnasts train 2-3 times a week and have the opportunity to qualify for State and Regional competitions.

    Similar to the Developmental Program levels 6&7, Platinum gymnasts train 3-4 times a week and are starting to put together more complex routines. These gymnasts also have the opportunity to qualify for State and Regional competitions.

    Similar to the Developmental Program levels 7 and above this is highest competition level.  In this level gymnasts have an unique opportunity to mix together intricate dance, powerful skills and lots of flipping and twisting. These gymnasts train 4 times a week and will have the opportunity to qualify for State and Regional competitions.

  • Team & Competition FeesDependent on Practice Hours & Meet Location

    As your child moves up in the competition aspect of gymnastics, so does the financial responsibility. Be aware in order for your child to participate in any competition all fees must be paid in advance; this includes monthly tuition, team deposit, uniforms, etc.

    Monthly tuition must be paid by the 5th of each month unfortunately your child will not be able to attend practice until paid. Meet cancellations due to injury or illness will be given prorated refunds when a doctor written medical excuse is submitted, all other refunds for missing a meet will not be accepted because we as a gym do not get refunds.

    Scholarships: Mountain Recreation offers scholarships to families that qualify on a first-come first-serve basis. All the information you need to know about scholarships can be found on our website HERE.

    Team monthly tuition costs:
    2x a week = $120 (depending on how many hours you practice)
    3x a week = $145 (depending on how many hours you practice)
    4x a week = $175 (depending on how many hours you practice)

    Competition Entry Fees:
    Vary depending on meets gymnasts would like to participate in and can range from $35-$250 per meet. To be eligible to compete in State you must qualify with a 34.00 All-around score in one meet and attend 3 meets.

  • FAQs

    When and where are the gymnastics meets?
    Our Gold, Platinum and Diamond team members compete from middle of January-May and our Silver team members compete from March-June. Regular season competitions take place throughout Colorado, with one travel meet for our upper levels and our home meet in March.  Post season competitions will take place in Colorado and in our Regions States (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Wyoming and Colorado)


    When will the competition schedule be released each year?
    We have to wait on USAG to announce the meets for the season. Once they have done so, we will put together a schedule and release it to you. Typically it will be ready in October


    How do I sign up for the meets?
    Once our competition schedule is released and we have had our parents meetings you can sign up for the competitions on the Mountain Recreation registration page.  Each meet includes the meet entry fee and the coaches fees associated with that meet and all fees are non-refundable because Mountain Recreation has to pay host gyms well in advance to reserves spots for competitions so once a commitment to participate is made on your behalf we cannot refund you, so please plan accordingly.


    How many meets do I need to participate in?
    We ask that all team members participate in at least 3 meets but are welcome to attend all meets.


    How do I qualify for State and Regionals?
    To qualify for State a gymnast must obtain at least a 34.00 in one regular season sanctioned meet.  To qualify for Regionals you must obtain at least a 34.00 at the State Meet and Regionals is only available for levels Gold, Platinum and Diamond.


    What does my child wear at gymnastics competitions?
    Every gymnast is responsible to show up at the competitions ready to compete.  This means they are wearing their competition leotard under their team warm-ups, they have removed all their finger nail polish, only have one pair of stud earrings and their hair is pulled back nicely with braids, small pony tails or curls.  Please do not use bobby pins in your child’s hair for competitions.


    I see there are multiple days listed for each meet; will my child compete on all the days?
    No, your child will compete on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. She will attend one session that day that will last about 4 hours.


    When will I find out which session my daughter will compete in?
    The final meet schedule will be released no later than 10 days prior to the meet weekend.  If it is released earlier we will send you the schedule immediately.


    What does my daughter need to wear during Team practice?
    During practices we ask that the gymnasts wear a leotard with or without shorts.  They may come to practice in sweat, leggings, etc but once warm-up and stretching is over we ask that those items are removed. This is to ensure the safety of your gymnast while the coaches are spotting.


    What if I need to miss a practice?
    Regular attendance is important for the consistent development of your child’s gymnastics, if you will be missing a practice, you must let your coach know beforehand.  Consistent practice between the months of November- June is required to compete.  If you plan on taking a month off, please understand that is might impact your ability to compete during competition season.  We understand that there are times when you will not be at practice but please communicate this with us.


    Should I order grips for my child? If so, how do I do this?
    Grips are not for protecting your child’s hands from ripping, they are used for gripping the bar during swings. You should speak to your child’s coach before purchasing any type of grips. There are many different websites that sell grips and offer a sizing chart to determine the correct size. When you receive the grips do not open the package until your child’s coach can double check they are the right size.


    Does my child have to be a current USAG Gymnastics athlete member to participate in meets?
    Yes, this is something the parents have to renew every August.  Please be sure to complete this or your child will not be allowed to compete at competitions.

  • Ascent Gymnastics AwardsTeam & Individual Accomplishments


    • Silver Level: 2nd Place Team placement and seven individual State Champions
    • Gold Level: Two individual State Champions & six Regional qualifiers. One individual Regional champion on Bars scoring a 9.7, and four podium finishes.
    • Platinum Level: Two individual State Champions and eight qualifiers to the Regional competition in San Antonio, TX. One individual overall Regional Champion, with multiple podium finishes from the entire team.
    • Diamond Level: 4 qualifiers to Regional competition in San Antonio, TX



    • Silver Level: 3rd Place Team placement and five individual State Champions.
    • Gold Level: 8th Place Team placement, eight regional qualifiers, and three individual State Champions.
    • Platinum Level: Four podium finishes at State Meet, four Regional qualifiers, and two Regional Champions.



    • Gymnastics meets suspended due to COVID-19.



    • Silver Level: Six individual State Champions.
    • Gold Level: Four podium finishes at State Meet
    • Platinum Level: Four podium finishes at State Meet
    • Regionals: Thirteen qualifiers

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