530 Cotton Ranch Drive
Gypsum, CO 81637

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This pool is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful views of Gypsum and relax after some pickleball or golf. The pool is included with your membership to the Gypsum Rec Center as an added bonus. Not a member? No worries, daily admissions are also available.

  • Weather Policy

    When it becomes apparent inclement weather is threatening, the lifeguards, head lifeguards, aquatic supervisor, or any aquatic management member will make the call to close the facility, respectively. The lifeguard will immediately prompt one long whistle blast, signaling for everyone to get out of the water due to weather.

    Weather closures include:

    1. Thunder/Lightning
      1. If a lightning strike is seen (not a flash) or thunder is clearly heard by the lifeguards, the outdoor aquatic facilities will be closed. The pool will be closed for 30 minutes from the last sight of lightning. Sound will be taken into consideration, but the clear sign of lightning will be the definite determination if the pool closes.
      2. Gypsum Recreation Center – The indoor pool is grounded and bonded and will remain open during a storm. The flash to bang method (5 seconds between lightning and thunder) will be followed in case of a severe storm. The indoor pool will be closed for 15 minutes from the last sight of lightning.
      3. Technology may also be used by aquatic staff to help decide if a facility will be closed due to lightning
      4. If storms persist and causes activities to be cancelled, the lead lifeguard/lifeguards on duty will check with an aquatic professional staff member to determine whether to close facilities for the remainder of the day.
    2. Heavy Rain/Strong Winds
      1. Can cause visibility problems where the bottom of the pool cannot be seen. When the bottom of a pool’s main drains or lane markers cannot be seen, the lifeguard(s) will suspend all activity and follow appropriate procedures. Lifeguards will use the appropriate whistle blast (1 long whistle blast) and quickly clear the patrons.
      2. People may remain on the deck during heavy rain/wind but be aware lifeguards may ask people to come to the main building if it is severe and/or will last for a prolong time.
    3. Air Quality
      1. If current air quality is 140 or higher (based on PurpleAir reading), the outdoor pools will be closed and remain closed until the reading is below 140 and it is determined it is safe to be back on the pool deck (you can reference our Air Quality Policy for more information if needed).
    4. Fog
      1. If fog prevents lifeguards from seeing their entire zone (surface and depth of water), the pool will be closed until the fog clears up.
    5. Temperature
      1. Pools will close if the air temperature, including wind chill, drops below 45 degrees or is predicted to drop below 45 degrees.
      2. If pool water temperature is below 75⁰F or above 95⁰F, the pools will be closed until the temperature of the water is back within normal limits. If the spa is over 103⁰F, it will be closed until the temperature lowers under 103⁰F
    6. Hail
      1. If the facility were to experience hail of any kind, lifeguards will clear the pool and ask everyone inside the main building until it subsides.
    7. Snow
      1. If it is actively snowing, we will not operate the outdoor pools


    Even with these policies herein, Mountain Recreation professional staff and lifeguards have the ultimate decision authority on pool closures based on the health, safety, and welfare of all patrons.


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