Can I Participate?

Private swim lessons are available for children and adults 6months and older, and adults.

Preschool levels and Learn-to-Swim Levels 1-3 will ; require one parent or guardian per child to be in the water assisting the child during the entire lesson. To keep our members and staff healthy, swim instructors will be teaching either from the pool deck or from six feet away in the water. There will be no hands-on contact from the instructor except in the case of an emergency.

Children in preschool levels and Learn-to-Swim Levels 1-3 (ages 3+) must be toilet trained to take swim lessons. All infants are required to wear a swim diaper. For questions please email Shelly Applegate.

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Group Swim Lessons Information

  • Private Swim Lesson Details

    Changes in Private Swim Lessons due to COVID-19:

    • Children in Learn-to-Swim Level 3 and below will require a parent or guardian to be in the water with their child during the entire lesson.  To comply with social distancing, the swim instructor will be teaching either from the pool deck or from six feet away in the water (instructor’s choice).  Guided by the instructor, the parent/guardian will hold/support the child while they practice the skills that they are not able to perform on their own.  No hands-on contact from the instructor except in an emergency.
    • Children in Learn-to-Swim Levels 4 and 5 will not require a parent or guardian to be in the water. However, if at any time during the lesson, the child needs to be rescued by the instructor or lifeguard, they will be switched to parent/child lessons.
    • Lifeguards and swim instructors are prepared to close the distance between themselves and participants in the event of an emergency.


    $30 for one 30 minute private lesson
    $40 for one 30 minute semi-private lesson

    Important: Participants must be in the same household and should be of similar age and skill levels.

    Full payment must be received via cash, check, or credit card before first lesson.

    Cancellation Policy:
    If you must cancel your private lesson due to extenuating circumstances such as illness or injury, please contact Shelly Applegate, Aquatics Coordinator, to discuss rescheduling; available spots cannot be guaranteed. No refunds for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.  Please do not come to your lesson if you are sick; we will work with you to discuss options for rescheduling.  Weather-related cancellations will be rescheduled at no additional cost, even if cancelled with short notice. If you need to reschedule, please email Shelly as soon as possible!

    We cannot guarantee that all private requests will be honored. All requests will be put in order in which they were received, and all best efforts will be made to accommodate everyone.

Private Swim Lesson Request Form

Please fill out the below form to submit a request for private lessons.

  • Semi-private lessons participants MUST be in the same household

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