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Ice Rink 2020-'21 Season

Starting Monday, September 28th guests will have access to the Eagle Ice Rink for public skating, stick & puck,  and open freestyle sessions (figure skating). We will also be offering hockey clinics, learn to ice skate lessons, and our hockey league programs.

Access to the ice rink will be by on-line prepaid registration at MountainRec.org made in advance. Each public session is limited to 20 participants. Parents and spectators who are not ice skating will have limited access to facility.

Please arrive ready to skate and no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time.

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Social Distancing & Sanitization Requirements

  • Your Promise to Others

    In addition to our normal rules of conduct, skaters will be required to abide by the following:

    • All guests ages 3 and older are required to wear a cloth face covering that covers their mouth and nose when inside facility.
    • All Guests must practice physical distancing (6 feet) both on and off the ice.
    • Guests must adhere to all staff requests while in our facilities/programs.
    • Skaters will need to wait to check in at their reserved time and will be required to clear the building at the conclusion of their time slot so the next group of skaters may be admitted.
    • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time. No one will be allowed to enter the building prior. All guests will need to exit the building within 15 minutes of exiting the ice.
    • As many interior doors as possible will be propped open to reduce the number of high-touch areas. This will include locker rooms, restrooms, and ice rink gates when applicable. ​ Ice rink gates will need to be secure during hockey use for safety purposes.


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  • Our Promise to You
    • Mountain Rec staff will be present to confirm your reservation and ensure that all guests adhere to the new regulations and practice social distancing.
    • Reminders, guidelines, and announcements regarding healthy and safety precautions, expectations, and requirements will be visible throughout the facility.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the facility and bathrooms will have ample soap for hand washing.
    • In addition to nightly deep cleanings, staff will perform supplemental cleaning of high-touch areas.
    • Rental skates will be disinfected before and after usage.
    • Only staff feeling healthy and well will be accepting shifts. All Mountain Recreation staff will be encouraged to practice caution and required to sign an acknowledgement that they have not been demonstrating any of the following symptoms:
      • Headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain.
    • Please view the social distancing protocol as required by Eagle County Public Health Orders.


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Facility Access

  • What to Expect

    Upon arrival: We ask that all skaters are dropped off at front entry to reduce number of guests in facility.

    For youth programming, parents will have facility access to assist with skates and protective equipment if needed.

    • Spectator and non-skating guest access will be limited.
    • Guests (all patrons using the ice other than staff) will enter through the main entrance where they will check in with rink staff at the skate rental counter. The flow of traffic will then be directed to a designated staging area/ locker room before getting on the ice surface.
    • Participants will exit the building within 15 minutes of leaving the ice surface. Exit traffic will be directed through the lobby area and kept away as best as possible from patrons arriving for the next session. ​
    • All guests must use their assigned, designated staging area to allow rink staff to properly disinfect other staging areas used by prior guests.
    • Locker rooms will be used as staging areas, in addition to the rink lobby/bleacher area.
    • Shower use will not be allowed
    • Patrons will be advised to keep valuables at home.
    • All registrations, rental fees, and payments will be made online. Guests will only need to check-in at the skate rental counter to confirm payment and registration and check out rental skates.
    • All participants will need to be supervised for skating clinics or hockey clinics. Mountain Recreation staff will monitor public skating.
    • Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottle. No sharing
    • Spitting or nose blowing is not permitted on the ice or in player benches. Please use a tissue if needed and dispose in proper trash receptacle.
    • All player benches, penalty boxes, and the scorer’s box will be marked off to meet social distancing requirements. Both the Home and Away Player benches have been extended to accommodate more players in that area.
    • In the event of modified, non-contact game play, only one person may operate the score board.
    • In the event of modified, non-contact game play, only 12 players may occupy a player bench at any given time.
    • All personal equipment and items must be taken from the arena with the skater. Skaters are not allowed to leave gear at the arena for later sessions in the day.
    • Chairs, benches and high-touch points will be treated with disinfectant in between transitions​.
    • No public or private group will have more than ​30 skaters on the ice​, at any given time.
    • Skate sharpening is available. All skates must be prepaid and left overnight for service within 48 hours. Day of sharpening requests are limited.
    • Anyone who cannot comply with social distancing and Eagle Ice Rink protocols will be asked to leave and/or not permitted to participate in the future.


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