Our youth flag football leagues give kids in Eagle County an opportunity to try out flag football and learn what it’s like to be on a team no matter their experience or skill level! Beyond learning the skills involved to master flag football, kids will build lasting friendships, create lifelong memories and build a foundation for healthful living.

Our flag football leagues are just $45 per kid for an 8 week league that includes a jersey, practices and games. Leagues are offered at all three of our locations – Edwards, Eagle & Gypsum for boys and girls 5-11 years old. See below for season dates and details about practices and games.

2021 League Info
Season DatesReg Opens/Closes
Aug 16-Oct 7Jun 14/Jul 19

Create new memories and volunteer to be a coach! The satisfaction of inspiring youth is priceless. Volunteer today by contacting our youth sports team or when signing your child up.


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Important Info

  • FAQ

    When do rosters goes out?/ How do I know what team I am on?

    Rosters will go out no later than 10 days before the start of practices. You will receive an email from Mountain Recreation with a team assignment and practice time. (Note: youth hockey is not broken up into teams, but parents will still get a welcome email with all information.)

    When will I hear from my coach?

    You should hear from your coach the week before practices start, after rosters go out.

    Can I make practice time requests?

    Practice time requests can be made on registration, but are not guaranteed and are based on coach availability.

    Can I make teammate requests?/Can we have the same team as last session/year?

    We do not take requests for coaches or teams. Coaches may make one teammate request for their child.

    This enables more balanced teams, your child to make new friends and learn from different coaching styles., and you to build community with other parents.

    Can I switch teams after team assignments go out?

    We do our best to not move players after team assignments go out in order to keep teams balanced and even in roster size and minimize potential roster confusion with coaches.

    When will game schedules come out?

    Game schedules will come out no later than 5 days before games start (during the second week of practice). Game schedules will be posted online.

    Where are game played?

    Games rotate between Gypsum, Eagle, and Edwards.

    How do I know where my field is?

    Check out these helpful field guides for Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum.

    When does my child get a jersey?

    Players will receive a jersey prior to the start of the first game. Jerseys for late registrations may a week later or not the exact requested size.

    What equipment does my child need?

    Baseball/Softball/T-Ball: Glove and athletic shoes (turf cleats recommended)

    Basketball: Athletic shoes

    Hockey: All equipment on this diagram

    Flag Football: Athletic shoes (turf cleats and mouthguard recommended)

    Lacrosse: All equipment on this diagram (5-6yo do not need pads)

    Soccer: Athletic shoes (turf cleats recommended), shin guards for 9yo+

    Volleyball: Athletic shoes

    Do you have equipment for rent?

    We have lacrosse and hockey padding available for rent in Eagle and Edwards. Players still need to purchase their own helmet and stick.

    How are teams put together?

    Rosters are put together with care, but randomly by evenly distributing player ages, sizes, and skill levels. We do our best to keep all teams balanced.

    Can my child play up or down a division?

    Registration is based on age at the start of the program. There is a 6-month window where parents may register a child up a division at their discretion, but not down a division.

    Why are your leagues based on age instead of school grade?

    We utilize leagues based on age do be able to have the best developmentally appropriate rules and skill range for each age group. A two-year age range for each league allows closer skill sets, which allows for more competitive play, and consequently, better learning. Age-based registration is also used in club sports. Because of the variation in each national club organization’s cut off (some use January 1, some follow the start of the season, some follow school start cut-off), we wanted to have a consistent cutoff for every sport that was easy for parents to remember, so we go off the participant’s age at the start of the program.

    How will we know if practices or games are cancelled?

    We will utilize an SMS alert system (coming from the number [844] 943-0583) to inform the primary parent on registration of any cancellations. Games will be cancelled at the discretion of Mountain Recreation, and will be done no later than an hour before the scheduled start of the game. Practice cancellation are at the discretion of coaches. If there are unsafe practice conditions (lightning, low air quality), coaches will be advised to cancel practice.

    What are the league rules?

    League rules will be emailed to parents at the start of the season.

    Can I be refunded if my child cannot play anymore?

    Please see our Refund Request and Policy page for more info on refunds.

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