Available year-round at the Gypsum Rec Center and the Edwards Field House, our gymnastics classes start as soon as your child can walk. Get started with our popular Tumble Tots program, continue through gymnastics levels, and compete through our Ascent Gymnastics Team.

Join a 4-8 week gymnastics class, or test the waters through our gymnastics summer camps, clinics, and drop-ins.

2024 Gymnastics Sessions
SessionSession DatesRegistration Opens
OneJan 8-Feb 23Dec 11 (2023)
TwoMar 4-Apr 19Feb 19
ThreeApr 29-May 24Apr 15
Four Jun 3-28May 20
FiveJul 8-Aug 9Jun 24
SixAug 26-Oct 11Aug 12
SevenOct 21-Dec 13Oct 7

Please note: Every class is not offered during every session, click the view availability button above to see what is currently being offered.

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Tumble Tots
Ascent Gymnastics Team

Youth Gymnastics Class Info

  • Tumble TotsWalking to Age 5 | Edwards & Gypsum | 50 Minutes

    Kick off a lifetime of healthy and happy living with Tumble Tots! One of our most popular programs, Tumble Tots gives kids an opportunity to work on their motor skills and of course wear themselves out bouncing, running, tumbling, jumping, and playing with new and old friends. Parents get a chance to laugh with their kids and meet other parents who are wrangling Pre-K aged kids as well.

    Offered in Edwards & Gypsum for children who are walking to age 5. Cost varies depending on location.

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  • Toddler Tots18-40 months | Edwards | 50 Minutes

    This parent/tot class is a 50 minute long, semi-structured class that allows students to begin their gymnastics experience guided by a parent.  After warm-ups, the coach moves from station to station guiding the parent and students through each station. The final 10-15 minutes of the class allows the student to have “open gym” time, allowing them to choose where they want to play. The benefits of this class is child/parent bonding, physical activity, building listening and sharing skills and learning to participate in group activity. For many children this is their first experience in structured group play.

    Offered in Edwards for children 18-40 months.

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  • Mini-FlippersAges 3-5 | Edwards & Gypsum | 50 Minutes

    Mini-Flippers is a 50-minute-long class that will teach the basics of gymnastics. Stretching and warm-up exercises are done as a large group during the first 15 minutes of class. Then this co-ed class will be introduced to all of the gymnastics equipment, utilizing preschool equipment, games and obstacle courses. In addition to basic gymnastics skills, coaches will help kids learn listening skills, turn-taking, and peer interaction.

    For children 3-5 years old looking to build on the skills learned in Toddler Tots.

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  • Level 1Ages 5-10 | Edwards & Gypsum | 50 Minutes

    Level 1 is a 50-minute-long class that is considered a preliminary class for first time gymnasts to assist them in acquiring basic skills of gymnastics, agility, and flexibility. This class will provide the student with basic knowledge on all the disciplines of gymnastics including rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, pullovers, walking on beam and a squat-on.  As the student masters the level one requirements, they can progress to the level 2 class.

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  • Level 2Ages 5-12 | Edwards & Gypsum | 80 Minutes

    Level 2 is an 80-minute class for continuing students who have passed the level 1 skills chart. They will focus on proper technique, strength, and more advanced skills. Each participant can expect to work on handstand flatback on vault, pull-overs and back hip circles on bars, leaps, jumps, turns and handstands on beam and round-offs, backwards rolls, bridge kickovers and the get introduced to back handsprings.  Each class includes activities and challenges that promote all around physical and mental well-being.

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  • Level 3Ages 5-15 | Edwards & Gypsum | 120 Minutes

    Level 3’s attend twice a week for 1.5-2 hours and is for continuing students who have passed level 1 and level 2 skills chart.  Gymnasts will really start to focus on advanced skills such as front handsprings on vault, double back hip circles, front hip circles, underwing dismounts and glide swings on bars, front and side handstands, split jumps and turns on beam and handstand forward rolls, bridge kickovers, back walkovers, round offs and back handsprings on floor while focusing on proper technique and form.  These classes will challenge the kids in a safe and rewarding way.

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  • Pre-Team (Developmental Team)Ages 5-15 | Edwards & Gypsum | 120 Minutes

    Participants in the pre-team class attend twice a week for 2 hours each day and requires an instructor’s invitation.  These gymnasts will start preparing to move into our competition team and will start to focus on the gymnastics and dance skills necessary to compete.

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  • Ascent Team (Competitive)Ages 5-18 | Edwards & Gypsum | 165 Minutes

    This is our competitive gymnastics program. This is an advanced class for students who have already passed both the level 1, level 2 and level 3 skills charts. This class requires a coach’s invitation to register. Gymnasts will work on competitive routines and skills needed to achieve all competition levels.

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  • Future Stars Trampoline ClassAges 5-7 | Edwards | 50 Minutes

    This trampoline class concentrates on the beginning trampoline skills an athlete will need to improve their skiing, snowboarding and gymnastics skills.  The class will start with a 15-minute warm-up and stretch followed by instruction on different style jumps and progressions towards flips.

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  • Ultra FlyAges 6-12 | Gypsum | 50 Minutes

    This 50-minute class is designed for any athlete wanting to improve their air, body and flipping awareness.  The class will focus on floor and trampoline work, emphasizing on twisting and skills that you can incorporate on the mountain.

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  • Parkour Gymnastics/Ninja ClassAges 6-12 | Edwards & Gypsum | 50 Minutes

    This combination class will focus on parkour, trampoline and slacklining. Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). Children learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.

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