Can I Participate?

Mountain Rec recognizes the value of recreational programs, services, and facilities to instill strong and positive character in young boys and girls, ensure a lifetime of health and happiness for all ages, and reduce social isolation by creating connections across the community. Recreational activities can help a person learn important life lessons, such as how to work hard, persevere, be a team player, set goals, follow rules, and stay healthy for a lifetime. Toward this end, Mountain Rec finds that the work of such not-for-profit organizations serving the community to be in alignment with the mission and service plan of the District and offers qualified organizations the opportunity to apply for financial assistance through the Community Partnership Grant Program.

While Mountain Rec will look at every opportunity to develop partnerships with organizations in Eagle County to advance the District’s Strategic Plan, funding is not guaranteed to be available every year. Funding for the Community Partnership Grant Program is allocated through an annual budgeting process along with all the District’s operational, service, and facility needs.

In Fiscal Year 2021, Mountain Rec has approved up to $15,000 for this grant program. Additional support may be available via in-kind services. Applicants may request funding up to $5,000 or in-kind support in the form of services, reduced rental rates for the use of Mountain Rec operated facilities, or use of Mountain Rec equipment. Requests are to be made for the specified fiscal year. Multi-year requests will not be accepted.

As Colorado Special Districts are local government, taxpayer funds supporting Mountain Rec were approved by voters for the specific purpose outlined in Mountain Rec’s service plan. The donation of Mountain Rec’s funding is limited to the approved Service Plan purpose and, therefore, grant awards may only be for programs or purposes related to recreation in Western Eagle County.

Program & Application Details

  • Program Goals

    The Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. The District’s Community Partner Grant program is designed to:

    • Enrich the lives of Eagle County residents so that everyone has an opportunity to be healthy and happy through recreational opportunities;
    • Grow the breadth of reach and access to recreational programs and services in Eagle County;
    • Keep recreational programs and services diverse and affordable; and
    • Create partnerships that enhance recreational opportunities.
  • 2021 Priorities

    Mountain Recreation has allocated up to $15,000 in its FY 2021 budget for these programs and projects. Applicants should consider how the proposed program or project aligns with the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Directors of Mountain Rec. Alignment with the District’s mission, vision, and strategic plan will strengthen the application and should be emphasized in the program/project narrative.

  • Eligibility

    In order to qualify for a Community Partnership Grant, organizations must meet specific eligibility criteria. Applicant organizations must:

    • Offer programs that are recreational in nature or conduct improvement projects that expand or enhance recreation opportunities in the District;
    • Serve Eagle County, as evidenced by (1) at least 80% of program participation coming from Eagle County or (2) propose projects directly benefiting and accessible to Mountain Rec district residents;
    • Offer programs or projects that are available to everyone equally, with open participation/involvement not restricted by diversity factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, ability, skill, or financial ability to pay; and
    • Be registered in good standing as a Colorado nonprofit organization with the Colorado Secretary of State and have 501C3 status
  • Criteria for Selection

    The review committee established by the District will rate applications and make awards based on the following criteria:

    1. Need Demonstration of how needed the CPG funds are in order to achieve the program/project’s goals.
    2. Alignment Demonstration of alignment with Mountain Rec’s mission,vision and strategic plan.
    3. Access Demonstration of the breadth of the population served and the program/project’s reach into underserved segments* of Eagle County’s population.
    4. Outcomes Demonstration of positive outcomes for program participants or project users.
    5. Experience Demonstration of a strong background and experience in the field of service and proven track record of community benefit in Eagle County.

    * For the purposes of this grant, “underserved” shall be defined as serving households earning 80% AMI or lower.

  • How to Apply

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and should be emailed to Janet Bartnik (JBartnik@MountainRec.org). The review of applications and award of grants is planned to occur quarterly at Board meetings in January, April, July, and October. Please plan on submitting applications one month in advance of the desired review date.  Awardees will be required to submit a report detailing the results of the program/project within one year of grant award. Report submittal is required in order to be eligible to apply for Community Partnership Grant funds in successive years.

    For more information about the Community Partnership Grants, please contact Lizzy Owens, Community Engagement Manager, Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District (LOwens@MountainRec.org).

    Application Questions:

    1. Organization Information
      1. Contact person’s name, title, email, phone
      2. Organization name, address, mission, website
      3. Grant amount requested for 2021
      4. Proof of good standing with CO Sec of State
      5. 501C3 IRS determination letter
      6. Most recent audited financials or form 990
      7. Organization budget for the current fiscal year
      8. Organization budget for the next fiscal year (if available)
      9. Balance sheet
      10. Population served/target market, including projected numbers served
    2. Program/Project description – Please describe in detail the program or project you are proposing for grant funding consideration. Be sure to explain how the program/project provides a recreational outlet for Mountain Rec’s district residents.
    3. Need – How did you determine the need for this program/project?
    4. Alignment – Please describe how the program or project advances the mission of Mountain Recreation and the Community Partner Grant Goals,
    5. Access – Please describe how many Eagle County residents are expected to benefit from the program/project. Detail the anticipated demographics of those residents.
    6. Outcomes – How has the program impacted participants in the past? How do you anticipate the outcomes to improve with grant support from Mountain Recreation? How you will measure the success of the program/project?
    7. Experience – Please share a summary of the organization’s experience with programming or projects like this? What is the organization’s capacity to complete the project?
    8. Please attach an anticipated detailed line item budget for the requested 2020 support, including revenues and all other funding partners. Include when funds are needed for payment. Please include all anticipated funding sources for the current and coming year. Be sure to highlight any opportunities to leverage CPG funds with external funding.
    9. Budget narrative – please provide detailed information about the line items (revenues and expenses) included in the proposed program/project budget. Include a narrative demonstrating how needed the grant funds are in order to achieve the program/project’s goals.
  • Legal Disclaimer

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