Why We Do It

We believe everyone in our community deserves to live a healthy and happy life.

What We Do

Mountain Recreation is an Eagle County, Colorado metro recreation district that primarily serves area residents. Founded in 1980, the Mountain Rec district has grown significantly over its history to include three large indoor facilities, athletic fields, outdoor activity areas, plus a variety of recreational programs and services.

How We Do It

The following core promises make up Mountain Recreation’s unique offering to Eagle County residents and visitors. Collectively, these characteristics create value and make Mountain Rec especially appealing to people pursuing active, healthy lifestyles.

  • Breadth

    Mountain Recreation’s three large facilities provide Eagle County residents with activities, after-school programs, sports leagues, and tons of other fun events
    every day. With swimming pools, an ice rink, an indoor track, skate parks, fitness centers, climbing walls, playgrounds, pavilions, and acres upon acres of athletic fields, Mountain Rec’s scale and variety help everyone discover their own version of healthy and happy.

  • Accessibility

    Mountain Recreation provides the greatest variety of heart-pumping, energizing activities, in Eagle County. Regardless of where you live, we make it easy for you to stay engaged and healthy with league play, memberships, and day passes. Active participants find inspiration every day, bouncing between the facilities in Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum. This is an invitation to live your version of mountain strong. Do you accept?

  • Affordability

    Since 1980, Mountain Recreation has bucked the status quo by offering high-quality, affordable ways to get fit and live healthy. With seasonal league sports
    starting at $45 per player and monthly couples’ memberships for under $80, it makes the cost of a private gym tough to justify. Get a one-day adult pass at any facility for only $10, and see why professional, amateur, and casual athletes alike make Mountain Rec their choice for health and fitness.

  • Enrichment

    Mountain Recreation is a place that inspires lasting friendships, a place that makes us better than yesterday, a place where life-long goals are achieved and
    dreams are born. Remember that old team photo taken back when half the gang was in braces and tube socks? Mountain Rec creates memories and healthy foundations that last. From scurrying up the climbing wall solo to taking down the reigning champs with your team, the result is always growth. We are all students and mentors, eager to build strong foundations, and we improve most when our experiences are shared.

Our Shared Values


We believe that every human has the ability to trust themselves to test their limits. Courage is an essential ingredient in personal growth. It’s what propels us to reach new milestones.


We believe the quest for true happiness has far more value than money, success, and achievement.  Joy is healthy and is contagious!


We believe there is strength in bringing people together that cannot be matched individually.


We believe freedom comes from lifelong learning and personal development. We are thankful to create experiences that make our community better than yesterday, where life-long goals are achieved, and dreams are born.


We believe that we have been entrusted with our community’s most prized possessions – their health, their families, and their tax dollars. We will always meet our community’s needs in an efficient, engaging, effective, and transparent manner.

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