Our Purpose

We are committed to ensuring our entire community feels welcome in any Mountain Rec facility, program, or activity. We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. We view this as a continuous learning process.

We pledge to:

  • Find the COURAGE to challenge social norms.
  • Choose JOY by celebrating our community’s diversity.
  • Listen to and amplify COMMUNITY voices.
  • Create LEARNING opportunities to educate, and offer tools for social and systemic change.
  • Pursue EXCELLENCE in our facilities, programs, operations, policies, and communication so that they alleviate obstacles to access or inclusion.
  • Commitments to Action
    • Identify & remove obstacles that prevent participation in our activities
    • Create safe spaces for people to speak up to share their experience working for Mountain Rec or when participating in our programs & visiting our facilities
    • Adopt culturally appropriate behaviors & practices that can help support our community’s needs
    • Lean into discomfort, and commit to growth & change through educational opportunities for our staff and community
    • Prioritize participation from our diverse community to advise Mountain Rec initiatives
    • Ensure our workforce reflects our community’s diversity
    • Hold ourselves accountable to our Pledge and practice vulnerability and consistency in our Commitment to Action

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