2020 summer camp registration is open!

State Required Forms

Gypsum Registration    Edwards Registration

COVID-19 Update: Registration is currently OPEN for Rec Kids Summer Camp. We are planning to offer Rec Kids in Edwards & Gypsum starting June 1, 2020

Rec Kids provides a safe, fun place perfect for state licensed child care when you need it. Choose days based on your work & play schedule. 

Kids ages 5-12 years old are welcome.
Available in Gypsum & Edwards

These camps are state licensed, so State Required Rec Kids Forms must be filled out every year in order to register. Please email your forms to RecKids@MountainRec.org or submit at any of our facilities. Allow 48 hours for processing.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s care during this unprecedented time.  We have implemented some new childcare program protocols and are taking many steps to ensure the safety of your child and our staff, while adhering to the guidelines set forth by Eagle County Public Health, CDC and the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

Social Distancing & Sanitization Requirements

  • Staff & Facility Requirements
    • All Colorado State Childcare Licensing staff training requirements will be upheld.
    • All staff will be trained on added cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures.
    • All staff are required to wear face masks.
    • All staff entering the facility will complete a screening form and temp check daily.
    • Staff will NOT be allowed to work if they are feeling ill or have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, body aches, new loss of taste or smell.
    • All Colorado State Childcare Licensing facility requirements will be upheld.
    • All surfaces will be sanitized when a group leaves an area, prior to a new group entering.
    • Staff will carry hand sanitizer with them at all times.
    • All high-touch areas will be disinfected at the close of every evening. (e.g. light switches, doorknobs, sinks and water taps, toilets, flushers, craft supplies and assigned 6×6 areas, etc.).


    A complete list of additional facility safety protocols, specific to COVID 19, can be provided to you per request.  To request this detailed information, please contact Anna Englehart at aenglehart@mountainrec.org

  • Checking In and Checking Out

    We have implemented new check-in procedures to lessen contact for the safety of all. We understand that these new procedures may be intimidating and we will do our best to make sure this process is done in a manner that will not seem intrusive or “scary” to the children. Please be sure to allow staff 5-10 minutes for this check-in procedure.  Our facilities will not be open the entire camp day or at all, so we have set up a camp specific phone for each location if you need to reach of us for any reason.

    Gypsum: 970-376-0911                                            Edwards: 970-343-0574

    Check In

    We are asking all parents/guardians to remain in their cars during this time, but if you feel the need to walk your child to the door, we ask that you wear a mask while doing so.

    Drop Off Locations:

    • Gypsum Recreation Center: West parking lot by handicapped parking spaces
    • Edwards Field House Location: In front of the main entrance.
    • Camp staff will take the child’s temperature and ask COVID – 19 screening questions.
    • If your child has a temperature of 99.2 or higher, they will not be permitted to attend camp.
    • Parent will be given a verbal health screening by staff and will sign their child into camp. Please bring your own pen.
    • Child will be guided into the facility by staff. They will be required to put on a face mask prior to entering building (see face mask requirement below).
    • Staff will take child directly to bathroom for hand washing.
    • Please only send children that have absolutely NO health issues. We are not just referring to Covid-19 symptoms – but any symptoms at all. No runny nose, cough, allergies, etc. This is for the health of everyone involved. We will be sending children home if they exhibit any symptoms.


    Special Notes:

    • Personal toys will not be allowed to be brought in.
    • Visitors will not be allowed.
    • Children may not sign themselves in and out even with parent permission.
    • Groups size will be determined during each phase of public health orders and meet social distancing program guidelines.


    Check Out

    • We are asking all parents/guardians to remain in their cars during this time
    • Camp staff will greet you at the drop off/pick up area and do the following:
      • Have you sign out your child.
        • We kindly ask that you bring your own pen, but will have some on hand if you forget.
      • Call their name on a walkie talkie.
      • Inside staff will help your child collect their belongings and send them out to you.
      • If you would like to pick up your child(ren) early from the program, that pick-up time must be communicated to staff ahead of time as best as possible.
  • Daily Safety Precautions & Activity Transitions

    Daily Safety Precautions

    • Assigned staff/child groups will remain together throughout the day.
    • Camp Leads/Counselors will follow program guidelines to maintain social distancing.
    • All facility staff will be wearing a face mask.
    • All surfaces will be sanitized when a group leaves an area, prior to a new group entering.
    • If a child or staff member sneezes, coughs, touches their face or mouth they will wash their hands immediately.
    • Children & staff will wash their hands when entering any building, before eating, after eating, when coming in from outside and after using the restroom.
    • Staff will encourage children to do their best to keep their hands away from their face.
    • Temperature checks will be taken twice during the program session.
    • Staff will carry hand sanitizer at all times.
    • Mealtimes: trading or sharing food will not be allowed.
    • All high-touch areas will be disinfected at the close of every evening. (e.g. light switches, doorknobs, sinks and water taps, toilets, and flushers).


    Activity Transitions

    • Between each activity station, all participants will be required to wash their hands.
    • There will be one staff member in the restroom monitoring for proper hand washing .
    • Taped lines will be on the floors in 6-foot increments when lining up for transition times.
    • All activity supplies will be laid out ahead of time or prepackaged.
    • Staff will sanitize high touch points in each area/room after use/transition.


    Camper Safety

    • We will be providing a face mask to your child each day of camp once our supply arrives the first week of June.
      • There will be a 2-3 day rotation of masks that will be washed and dried on high heat each night.
      • Campers are required to wear a face mask when:
        • Entering or exiting the facility
        • During transition times between activities
        • During restroom and hand washing breaks
        • When doing an activity where social distancing of 3-6ft throughout the entirety of the activity may not be attainable.
      • Campers are not required to wear a face mask when:
        • Eating snacks or lunch
        • Doing individual crafts, silent reading, journaling, or any other activity in their assigned area
        • Doing outside activities and games where social distancing of 3-6ft throughout the entirety of the activity can be attained.
    • Rooms are split into weekly campers and daily campers.
    • Max numbers per room are based off the square footage and the 6ft social distancing guidelines.
      • Gypsum Rec Center can take 8 weekly campers and 10 daily campers:
        • Ratios are 10:1 or less
        • Each camper will be assigned a 6×6 square area taped on the floor where they will keep all their personal belongs and do individual activities
        • Line up lines for transitioning between stations will be taped off on the floors
      • Edwards Field House can take 10 weekly campers and 10 daily campers:
        • Ratios are 10:1 or less
        • Each camper will be assigned a 6×6 square area taped on the floor where they will keep all their personal belongs and do individual activities
        • Line up lines for transitioning between stations will be taped off on the floors
    • The daily schedule will be posted in each room, each day.
    • Groups/rooms will be rotating through stations throughout the day. Stations that will be utilized:
      • Gypsum – Community rooms, Lundgren Theatre stage and grass area, turf field and softball field at the Gypsum Sports Complex
      • Edwards – Fitness and Rec Kids rooms, Edwards Sports Complex fields/outdoor areas
      • Activities will include, but are not limited to:Arts and crafts, outside games, water games, nature hikes, yoga, fitness challenges, silent reading, journaling, guest visitors and more!
  • If A Child Is Sick

    In the event staff has concern that a child is sick, the following will take place:

    • The Director will designate a room/space to isolate a sick child and an aide will supervise that child while maintaining appropriate distancing
    • Temperature will be checked.
    • Parents will be called to pick up the child (the child must meet eligibility requirements before returning to camp).
    • Director/Staff will document information and report to Public Health if deemed necessary
    • COVID-19 is a reportable condition – a positive case (kids or staff) must be reported to the Health Department

Dates & Information

  • 2020 Summer DatesFull-Day Availability

    Your kids will look forward to weekly themes like ninja warrior, time machine adventures and lights camera action. We are currently only running Rec Kids in Edwards and Gypsum.

    Drop-Off & Pick-Up: 8am-5:30pm

    Availability: Full-Day and Weekly (Mon-Thur)

    Ages: 5-12 years old
    (FYI – groups will be broken into two age ranges, 5-8 yr olds and 9-12 yr. olds)

    $160/Week (Mon-Thur)

    $60/Friday Fun Day  Due to public health orders we will not be doing Friday Fun Days this year. You can sign up for Fridays using the daily registration for $45 a day.

    2020 Summer Dates

    Weekly ThemeDatesFriday
    Jun 1st-4thJun 5th
    Disney & PixarJun 8th-11thJun 12th
    Out Of This WorldJun 15th-18thJun 19th
    Carnival & CircusJun 22nd-25thJun 26th
    Comic ConJun 29th-Jul 2ndJul 3rd
    Water WarsJul 6th-9thJul 10th
    Lights, Camera, Action!Jul 13th-16thJul 17th
    Construction ZoneJul 20th-23rdJul 24th
    Riddles & PuzzlesJul 27th-30thJul 31st
    Mythical MadnessAug 3rd-6thAug 7th
    Mountain Rec SpiritAug 10th-13thAug 14th

Important Parent Information

  • Parent Checklist

    Drop Off & Pick Up Times:  8:00 am-9:00 am & 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm


    2019-2020 Parent Handbook

    English  |  Español


    State Required Paperwork:

    Additional Forms As Needed:

    • Child Release Waiver
    • Medication Administration Form
    • Additional Waivers (can be signed during registration)

    What to Bring to Camp:

    • Face mask
    • Healthy Lunch & 2 Snacks
    • Swimsuit and towel for outdoor water games
    • Water Bottle
    • Closed Toe Shoes
    • Jacket
    • Hat
    • Swimsuit and towel for outdoor water games
    • Suncreen (please apply sunscreen BEFORE drop-off, but we will reapply throughout the day)
    • Pencil Case of markers, crayons, pens, pencils, and scissors
      • We will have individual art supply kits available as well, but we ask that you bring your own if you have them readily available to help avoid the use of high touch, shared materials.
    • Backpack to hold all belongings
    • Book/workbook/quiet activity for Silent Reading Time

    What Not to Bring to Camp:

    • Food that required refrigeration/microwaves
    • Money
    • Electronics
    • Toys, Playing Cards
    • Blankets
    • Stuffed Animals
  • Medications

    If your child needs to receive medication during camp, please complete the Medication Permission Form, available online at MountainRec.org or any Mountain Rec facility. This form must be signed by both a parent as well as a person with Prescriptive Authority (Medical Professional). All medicine must be kept in its original container and have a legible label stating the child’s name, directions for dosage, prescription number, name of medication, date filled and physician’s name. All unused medication will be returned to the parent/guardian at the end of each camp day, week or session. Medication must be given to the Camp Director or Lead Counselor at sign in. All medication, with exception of asthma inhalers and epinephrine pens, will be kept by the Camp Medication Administrator or locked in a secure area.

  • Late Pick-Up

    There will be a fee for late pick-up of your camper after. The fee is $1 per minute per child and is due at the time of late pick-up. Any overdue fees will result in the child(ren) not being accepted into camp until it has been paid. There will be no refunds for days missed due to lack of payment on a late fee.

  • FAQ'S

    It won’t let me register for a day. What can I do?
    There are two reasons that our registration software would block registration; if your kid’s state required forms were not submitted yet/approved or if the date is full. Still having issues? Email RecKids@MountainRec.org.


    What is your refund policy?
    NEW! As of January 1st, 2020 our Refund and Cancellation Policy will be updated. See full policy details HERE

    Please note:

    • Refunds requested within 2 weeks of the program start date will not be considered for a refund.
    • If refund is approved, credit will be applied to your MR account minus the $15 administrative fee.


    Vending Machines | Microwaves | Refrigerators
    Children are no longer allowed to get snacks from the vending machines. Please send them with 2 or more healthy snacks each day. Campers that bring money will not be able to use the vending machine. In addition, do not send food that needs the use of a refrigerator or microwave. We are required to stay within our ratios, we do not have enough staffing to be able to warm up campers foods.

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