June 13, 2022

Eagle, CO – Following staff discovery of unusual water loss at the Eagle Pool in May, and further third-party assessments, Mountain Rec was notified that it will not be able to open the Eagle Pool for the 2022 season.

“The Eagle Pool has a long history of being a summer go-to for our community for the past nineteen summer seasons. We want to see it open just as much as our community, and its need for repairs or even replacement is something we’ve been anticipating for some time now,” said Janet Bartnik, Executive Director at Mountain Rec. “We’re going to put our best foot forward to provide timely repairs for opening in 2023. Until then, we’ve set our eyes on offering more pool time for our community through the pools in Gypsum.”

To secure more access to pool time this summer, the District has already begun preparations to open the Gypsum Creek Pool and has increased hours of operation at the Gypsum Recreation Center Pool. Mountain Rec will announce an opening date for the Gypsum Creek Pool as soon as it is cleaned, filled, and pool systems are running properly. Community members can access the Gypsum Creek Pool, with a Gypsum Rec Center membership.



Status of the Eagle Pool
On Friday, June 10th a representative from Associated Pools, the Eagle Pool’s 2002-03 builder, was on site to review the information staff has collected over the past two weeks and findings from the leak detection firm that visited the pool on June 7th. Here is what we know:

  • The majority of water being lost is occurring due to the gutter system that circulates water between the pool and the filtration system.  We’ve located multiple spots where more water is leaking through gaps between the concrete pool structure and the stainless-steel gutter that lines the pool.
  • The stainless-steel gutters are bowing, with the center of the lap pool higher than either the deep or shallow ends.
  • The northwest end of the pool has continued to drop, making it impossible for the pool to fill with enough water to reach the entirety of the filtration system’s gutters.
  • Ultimately, the filtration system remains compromised as water is not being circulated in a way that ensures proper chemical treatment and filtration. The pool cannot open as it does not meet health code requirements for filtration.


Northwest end of the Eagle Pool continues to drop


Zero-depth entry unable to fill, not allowing for proper filtration


Next Steps

Staff are collecting information and costs for repairs and replacements of the gutter system, including the amount of concrete decking that will need to be removed and replaced and associated earthwork. Additional maintenance work will need to be completed including slide refurbishment, tile replacement, and full replastering of the pool surface.

“Over the next couple weeks, we’ll work with the Town of Eagle to compare and weigh all options. We’ve asked the pool builder to provide us with cost estimates and the anticipated lifespan of the pool after replacement, along with the cost of full pool replacement. Assuming everything goes smoothly, we’re looking at repairs to be completed in time to open the Eagle Pool next summer,” said Bartnik.

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