April 3, 2023

3 boys, 1 girl, and half a lifetime later of changing diapers, making beds, getting kids dressed, tidying up around the house, keeping up with work, and more – Alma Ramos, owner of “La Tijera Unisex” hair salon in Gypsum, shares how she’s adjusted to life after being “mom”.

“It’s been a blessing seeing my kids grow up, through their highs and lows, and now seeing them take their first step to become everything they can be,” shares Alma. “They’ve left the nest, and I couldn’t be happier, yet at the same time I’m left with a void and abrupt change to a rhythm I’ve carried for 25 years.”

Alma came to the realization that sometimes as mothers “we lose ourselves after having kids, after raising them and keeping up with their routines – it’s hard to find purpose after being with them for so long,” said Alma.

Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Alma moved to the Valley in 2005. She recalls taking her children to Mountain Rec events and programs at the pool and the Edwards Field House, but she never really used the facilities or programs for herself. Fast forward raising 4 kids, opening her own salon in 2015 and an empty nest later, Alma decided it was time to find a new routine focused on living a vital life for herself.

In 2019 Alma discovered Mountain Rec’s adult swimming lessons and she decided to dive in. After six weeks, Alma and many other community members had broken the barrier and had learned how to swim. “It felt like such a big accomplishment, I felt so happy to have completed this class.” Alma shared.



With her newfound confidence and momentum, Alma engaged once more, determined to find a hobby that would make her “feel like herself again.” She no longer wanted to limit herself and wanted to push herself to her best potential.  That was when Alma came upon the FURY fitness class, offered at Mountain Rec’s Gypsum Rec Center. “Although the class is offered in English, I wasn’t going to let that stop me, I want to take part in it,” said Alma. “This class was extremely out of my comfort zone; however, I am so glad I decided to join. Because of this class, I feel like I have made more connections in the community.” Alma now talks about this class to her hair salon clients and staff and invites them to join her every morning at 5am at the Gypsum Rec Center for FURY.

“It is ok to step out of your comfort zone, to try new things, and ask for help.  And as a mom, it is ok to have hobbies and do activities that make you, YOU”, Alma said. The birth of a baby can start a variety of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect – depression. Please know that you are not alone, I’m here for you, whether at FURY or at the salon.”

If you’re a parent and need someone to keep an eye on your kiddo while you get your workout in, please know the Gypsum Rec Center offers Child Watch as part of its Gypsum Rec Center membership or for $5 for non-members, Open to any kiddo between the ages of six months and seven years.

When asked what Alma would like to share with her community, particularly other mothers who might feel the same way she did, she had this to share: “We live in a community where so many great things are offered, yet due to fear of being judged or language barriers, we limit ourselves so much, please take advantage of those opportunities. , I wish I knew everything that Mountain Rec has to offer, and I challenge you to learn about some of what they have for you today.”

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