May 9, 2024

Mountain Recreation’s Chance Copeland-Ladd Scholarship was established in honor of the young son of former Mountain Rec board member Bobby Ladd. Chance was born in February 2018 with a heart defect and was able to breathe the pure Rocky Mountain air before losing his battle. His memory lives on, and is honored through this scholarship, which is awarded each year to up to two Mountain Rec employees or volunteers pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree and who embody our organization’s values of courage, joy, community, learning, and excellence.

The Chance Copeland-Ladd Scholarship is in the amount of $2,500 and for 2024, Mountain Rec is pleased to announce the winners: Maray Lindley and Brooke Staten from Eagle. Both Maray and Brooke have contributed significantly to our youth programs at Mountain Rec and are both enthusiastic about pursuing a major in psychology.

Maray’s time at Mountain Rec has been a whirlwind of growth and development, both as a participant in our gymnastics program and competitive team, as well as a coach for the next generation! From swinging on bars to coaching routines, she’s been a driving force in building our vibrant gymnastics community. For her, inclusivity, friendships, and support are what makes this community a safe place for all. She has been a gymnast since 2020 and a coach since 2021, and she hasn’t just been mastering backflips; she’s mastering self-discipline, work ethics, creativity, and courage – talk about nailing it. Maray recently soared to the top, winning first place in the all-around category at Mountain Rec’s 2024 Platinum and Diamond Ascent Home Meet. Maray’s interests don’t stop at sticking landings; she’s also diving into psychology at the University of Hawaii Manoa. Even with her eyes set on a psychology major, Maray isn’t hanging up her leotard just yet. She’s all about sharing the love for gymnastics with others and is planning to keep coaching while hitting the books.

Brooke Staten has a longstanding connection with Mountain Rec, tracing back to her infancy when she began swim lessons at the Gypsum Rec Center. As a child, she spent her summers immersed in our vibrant summer camps and sports such as gymnastics and soccer. For the past three years, she’s worked as a summer camp counselor, and has exemplified our core value of joy, brightening each day with her positivity by reminding our campers of how beautiful and strong they are. With a knack for making every camper feel valued and welcomed, she creates an environment where everyone feels seen and heard. For Brooke, being a camp counselor isn’t just a job—it’s a way to give back to the community that shaped her and has boosted her confidence. Her passion for working with children has flourished here at Mountain Rec, and has inspired her to attend Fort Lewis College in August to pursue a degree in child psychology. With her sights set on a career dedicated to the well-being of children, Brooke is eager to continue spreading joy and making a difference in young lives for years to come.

Mountain Rec wishes Maray and Brooke all the best on their academic pursuits in psychology and invite all District staff and volunteers who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs to apply in December 2024. To learn more contact our People & Culture Manager, Erin Leach, at ELeach@MountainRec.org.

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