February 19, 2021

Two Mountain Rec staff members have been recognized for their incredible efforts over the past year: Janet Bartnik, Executive Director, was recognized by the Colorado Parks & Recreation Association (CPRA) with the President’s Award and Eddie Campos, Marketing and Communications Manager was listed in the National Parks & Recreation Magazine’s 30 Under 30.

Janet Bartnik was recognized by the prestigious President’s Award—given at the discretion of the current President of the CPRA—for her leadership in the past year. “[Janet] recognized that the directors of so many agencies throughout the state needed support during the pandemic and [she] provided that support by having directors lean on each other.  Building on that recognition, [she] made every effort to bring the directors together, doing outreach, facilitating phone calls, fostering that ongoing communication, and in doing those things, provided a safe space for directors to make high-level decisions,” said Justin Perdue, the President of CPRA.



Eddie Campos, Marketing and Communications Manager was selected from among a diverse group of over 100 nominees from 29 different states, one Canadian province, and one US Navy aircraft carrier to be included in the National Recreation and Park Association’s inaugural “30 Under 30” recognition program.

“If there is one thing that perfectly encapsulates Eddie: is his passion and devotion to his community – to uplift others and serve as a bridge builder so that everyone can be included, respected, and successful. This experience first started with his work with the Latino Student Union in college in helping to connect people to their community to celebrate their culture, stay active, and engaged. I am happy to say that work has continued and has grown stronger over the past two years with the District ” says Mountain Rec’s Executive Director Janet Bartnik.  “It is this experience paired with his knowledge of the community that sets Eddie apart from the typical marketing manager.”

Eddie has the skills to both reach into neighborhoods in the community, personally connect, and to learn how Mountain Recreation can better serve residents’ needs.  Even more, he has tirelessly advocated on behalf of residents when systems or policies perpetuate barriers to access.

Eddie’s work in the community on behalf of Mountain Rec has not gone unnoticed.  In recent wildfire events, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eagle County Government leaders recognized Eddie’s value, borrowing Eddie from Mountain Rec to leverage his unique abilities in their critical communication efforts targeting Spanish-speaking residents.  Eddie knew this work needed to be personal, and so spent countless hours, many outside his scheduled workday, in person in those neighborhoods at risk, knocking on doors to ensure the most up-to-date information was shared and that it was shared in the most culturally appropriate ways.

“With his knowledge of and caring for everyone in the community, Eddie’s brand of two-way communication is changing Mountain Rec from the inside out,” says Bartnik.

You can catch Eddie outside of Mountain Rec as a mentor for SOS Outreach, Board chair for Neighborhood Navigators, and in many outdoor activities across our valley.



The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is the leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to building strong, healthy, and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation.  Nominations were evaluated by a group of peer professionals in the field based on the candidates’ impacts on the agency’s community and service population, contributions to the professional development of the field of parks and recreation, and innovative ideas, programs and/or research in the field of parks and recreation.

Congratulations, Eddie & Janet

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