May 20, 2022

With the weather warming up, and the school year set to end on June 1, Mountain Recreation and the Town of Avon are ramping up their aquatics operations. There’s only one problem and it’s industry wide: a national lifeguard shortage. To help increase pool hours this summer, both organizations will host various lifeguard trainings starting May 23 through early June.

“The national lifeguard shortage has impacted every community swimming pool, and Avon Recreation and Mountain Recreation are no exception.  One way we can work together to keep our local pools safe is to communicate our training opportunities,” offers Kacy Carmichael, Aquatics Superintendent at Town of Avon. “A potential lifeguard or swim instructor candidate can take a standardized American Red Cross certification course at any facility in Eagle County and be able to work at a swimming pool close to home.  A teen who wants to work as a lifeguard in Eagle can take a class in Avon and vice versa, providing double the opportunities,” continued Carmichael.

American Red Cross Lifeguarding courses teach water rescues, CPR/First Aid training and leadership skills.  These skills include prioritizing care in emergencies, working as a team, decision-making and communication.  Lifeguards learn what it means to be a professional first responder, how to conduct themselves around patrons and manage their time.  Lifeguards undergo regular monthly training to practice skills and be prepared for emergencies.  Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends and stay fit!

Upcoming Trainings:


Mountain Recreation
Lifeguarding Course | June 2-4

Town of Avon
Water Safety Instructor Course | May 23-27
Waterfront Lifeguard Training Course | June 6-10



As reported in the 2022 National Recreation and Parks Association performance review as of early May, only 12 percent of parks and recreation leaders indicate they are fully staffed for lifeguard positions this summer season. The general decline in interest to become a lifeguard over the past decade has only been exacerbated by the pandemic hiatus on training courses for the past two years, leaving certifications to lapse and no new influx of potential lifeguards. This has led to reduced pool hours and closures altogether at pools nation-wide.

“The impact has been felt by our community, from lap swimmers to families; there’s no doubt about that. We’ve had to adjust our hours and close for the day a few times, simply because we don’t have certified lifeguards. We held more trainings in April and hope to see even more interest at our upcoming course,” said Rialto Heller, Aquatics Supervisor at Mountain Recreation. “As government organizations, we must abide by elevated rules and regulations to keep pools open and our community safe. Once we have more lifeguards available, we’ll continue to extend pool hours, and as soon as pool hours are stable, we can expand our aquatics program offerings,” said Heller.

In addition to staff trainings, both organizations have increased starting wages and implemented new hiring incentives to get applicants in the door. To prepare for the summer, Mountain Rec has recently hired a new Aquatics Coordinator to offer increased lifeguard trainings, consistent pool hours, and aquatics programming. The Town of Avon has doubled the number of American Red Cross Training swim instructor and lifeguard courses to accommodate increased Learn-to-Swim program offerings.



Opening Dates
The Town of Avon is expected to open Nottingham Lake on Friday, May 27 and the indoor pool is open year-round. Mountain Recreation’s Eagle Pool will open on June 1 and the Gypsum Recreation Center will see increased hours starting June 6. Due to the lifeguard shortage, the Gypsum Creek Pool will not be opening this summer. Instead, Mountain Rec will allocate staffing resources to the Gypsum Rec Center to offer more open swim hours, and a consistent schedule for our members and guests.

To learn more including pool hours, lifeguard training requirements, and to sign up for a lifeguard training course visit MountainRec.org or AvonRec.org. You can also email Rialto Heller at RHeller@MountainRec.org or Kacy Carmichael at KCarmichael@avon.org with any questions.

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