March 4, 2021

What do we love, admire, and would like to celebrate about Sheryl Staten? It is Sheryl’s admirable level of commitment and full-throttle investment in our beautiful community, District, and its unique souls that make it home. You see, we believe that Sheryl and the District’s fates were destined: Sheryl played such an integral role in many defining moments of the history of the District, from WECMRD to Mountain Rec – that make her and the District synonymous. Visiting the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink? Welcome to Sheryl’s second home! This is where Sheryl shines and uses her unadulterated superpowers for the good of our community and you can trust she will treat you as an honorable guest.

Throughout her 20 years with the District, Sheryl has been heavily involved in the opening of all three of Mountain Rec’s indoor facilities – the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink in 2003, the Gypsum Rec Center in 2006, and the Edwards Field House in 2009. Her devotion, hard work, and love for our community is contagious.

“Day or night, if Sheryl is in the facility or out hiking with the dogs – Sheryl is entirely devoted to our community and the District. Her loving charisma, joy, and deep commitment to our valley’s health is seen the moment you walk through the front door and felt throughout our community and beyond. Sheryl has been a part of many Mountain Rec firsts, is always there when she is needed, and truly believes the more the merrier as she welcomes our community to the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink,” said Scott Ruff, Mountain Rec Superintendent of Recreation Facilities.



Before arriving at the District, Sheryl attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and received her BA in Psychology and Social Welfare. Since then, Sheryl has worn a tremendous number of hats, not because she needs to, but because she knows our community’s needs and she is overjoyed every time to step in and help. Over the years, Sheryl attended the Rocky Mountain Revenue & Management School and the Community Leadership Academy. She has been a recipient of CPRA Outstanding New Professional Award and the CPRA Columbine Award for Programming. What else? Sheryl has also received an Aquatic Facility Operator (NRPA) certification and is a US Rinks Certified Ice Rink Manager.

We are so proud of Sheryl and celebrated as she recently became a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) on March 3, 2021. This is the national standard for all parks and recreation professionals who want to be at the forefront of their profession, NOT an easy task to say the least. The CPRP exam is 150 questions and covers five core competencies: Operations, Programming, Human Resources, Finance and Communication. Way to go Sheryl!

What can’t Sheryl do? During the height of the pandemic last spring, many neighborhoods were visited by Olaf, the popular Frozen character spreading joy to the faces of all ages through their home windows with a sign that read, “You are Loved!”  When told who the person behind the costume (and whose great idea) it was, everyone who knows Sheryl Staten said, “of course!”



Merely saying that Sheryl brings our community together does not do her justice. When she is not out spreading joy as Olaf, Sheryl also manages and plays in the Mountain Women’s Hockey League (MWHL). Sheryl has been involved since its inception in 2006 and has connected hundreds of women across our valley – the league is supportive both on and off the ice. Sheryl was also a key component in helping start up the 10th Mountain Roller Derby team. Both of these organizations are vital to our local community.

It’s fitting that Sheryl, with her huge heart and love for the community, celebrated her work anniversary with Mountain Rec on Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Sheryl, for your lifetime of service and your two decades of spreading joy to our community. We see the spark you bring to everyone’s heart; we deeply appreciate you and so does our community.

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