June 26, 2020

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic Mountain Recreation staff have worked closely with public health officials to ensure they review and provide guidance on our operating protocols as it relates to social distancing and sanitization. We want to thank everyone who has come back to say hello and for following all the new guidelines we put in place.

The need to reopen facilities and start activities slowly was abundantly clear. Our community has gradually moved through Eagle County’s transition trail map which has eased public health order restrictions on our daily life. Now,  six weeks into our reopening we have had the time to fully track and analyze daily use of our fitness floor and fitness classes along with lap and leisure swimming. With this data along with a continuous review process from Eagle County Public Health we feel confident adjusting some of our protocols to provide greater access to our services.

Starting Monday, June 29th

Face Coverings – Face coverings will continue to be required anytime guests are visiting our facilities (checking in/out, restrooms, etc.) except during physical activity. This means no more face coverings on the fitness floor or while participating in a recreation program.

Why the change? We recently received new social distancing guidance for sports which allows for face coverings to be removed while actively playing. As we continue to adapt to new information, we wanted to stay consistent and offer that same opportunity for visitors of the fitness floor.

With this adjustment, it is more important than ever for guests to stay home if they are feeling sick, keep six feet of distance, and wipe down their equipment before and after each use while visiting us.

Eagle Pool & Ice RinkWe will have 54 total spots available per leisure swimming session. We have been watching the flow of visitors very closely over the past few weeks, consulting with public health and reviewing CDC guidelines for pools. Our staff has decided we can increase the number of visitors per session to better meet the demand of our community while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

This also means our private pool parties can now host 54 people bringing the total cost below $10 per person for a private rental. Click HERE to reserve your own pool party.

Our goal of returning to life as it was before COVID, will take time. Mountain Rec will continue to assess and take the necessary steps to protect not only our community but our staff all while offering as many programs and services as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Janet Bartnik
Executive Director

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