December 9, 2020

What makes or breaks the success of Mountain Recreation? Our community’s health and happiness.

There is no simple formula that can be used to deliver on our community’s needs, wants, and dreams. To fully serve our diverse and rapidly growing community, we must recognize its wide range of needs and interests across all ages, genders, and walks of life. Often, this calls on Mountain Rec to serve as a central hub for our community and to work alongside our valley’s 200+ non-profits.

At Mountain Rec facilities, our community can rely on a plenitude of space, over 160 recreation professionals, and a variety of resources readily available. We recognize we play a far more important role than just recreation: we are a place our community gathers and grows stronger.

One such example of our community coming together at Mountain Rec is My Future Pathways. Founded in 2019, My Future Pathways (MFP) aims to enhance and enrich the lives of first-generation Eagle County youth.  Led by Bratzo Horruitiner, MFP teaches strong values, self-discipline, grit, and integrity while offering mentorship, career, and college pathways for young men and women in Eagle County.



MFP has had great success since launching their new youth center in Edwards this year. Since then, this center has given middle schoolers to those in their late teens and early twenties a place to play, study, relax, and exercise. Bratzo was soon eager to replicate this down-valley but hesitant to enter a year-long lease at a second location too soon. That’s when Mountain Rec’s executive Director Janet Bartnik let Bratzo know about the Gypsum Rec Center being available for nonprofits to rent space.

Mountain Rec and My Future Pathways created a plan to work together, and for the past two months, My Future Pathways has been utilizing the community room in the Gypsum Rec Center. The two organizations each receive what they were looking for: MFP found a place to work with down valley students and Mountain Rec found a way to introduce classes and programs to a group we’ve long wanted to better engage. An additional benefit for the young adults participating in MFP is access to the Mountain Rec facility.  “Once COVID is a thing of the past, I’m hoping the kids will be able to use their time in the Gypsum Rec Center to find their passion or drive through the exercise classes, yoga, weightlifting and even swimming!” Bratzo said.



While this is just the beginning, both Bratzo and Janet see the long-term benefits for their organizations.  “Together, we can provide more comprehensive and collaborative approach to getting the kids to feel a part of the community,” Bratzo pointed out.  Using the Gypsum Rec Center means there’s always helpful and welcoming staff and it provides the structure for MFP’s efforts to keep the kids healthy with a focus on social emotional skills, athletics, and academics. And for Mountain Rec, partnering with MFP means expansion to even more members of our community.

“With the strong relationship of Mountain Rec and My Future Pathways, it’s clear we’ll be able to serve the community in the best possible way,” Janet Bartnik said.

We welcome your families, community groups, and organizations to our facilities and see how we can achieve more together. If you are interested in using our indoor and outdoor facilities across Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum please reach out to our Facilities Superintendent Scott Ruff at SRuff@MountainRec.org.

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