November 1, 2021

As of December 1, 2021 Mountain Rec will operate 100% of its program registrations through a new third-party software, SmartRec by Amilia. Selected from over ten candidates and three finalists, SmartRec will bring users a more intuitive and dependable interface, fully integrated under one website: MountainRec.org.

Since June, staff have been working with Amilia to construct a shell, able to house the District’s wide variety of programs and services. With new standard operating procedures and SmartRec’s integral nature, the transition will significantly reduce duplicate work and save taxpayer dollars.

“Following many software glitches outside of our control and with no solutions on the horizon, a transition was necessary to improve our customer experience. We’ve heard our community loud and clear and took action in March when the current registration site crashed,” offers Scott Robinson Superintendent of Business Operations at Mountain Rec. “With hundreds of year-round programs, memberships, and scholarships across our three facilities, a move like this isn’t possible overnight. We appreciate our community’s patience.”

On top of having access to all Mountain Rec offerings, SmartRec allows users to register for any program under any organization also using SmartRec by Amilia. This includes our partners; Vail Recreation District, who recently transitioned to Amilia, and the Town of Avon who is currently in the process of transitioning. We hope this centralization of registration software makes it easier for our community to get active across the valley.


What to Expect as a Current User

On December 1, all users will need to create a new SmartRec account before registering for any program or using an existing facility membership.

Users with an active membership to any of the District’s facilities will have their membership automatically transferred to the new system. Members will then receive an email from SmartRec to create an account that is linked to their existing membership. It’s important for current members to create a SmartRec account with the same email used in CivicRec.

All other new accounts can be created using Facebook, Google, or Microsoft 365. Accounts with credit cards on file will not transfer for data protection. Users will need to update their credit card info on their new account which can be done via the mobile app. The Amilia app (App Store, Google Play) will also be your new membership card. Yep, that means no more lost plastic cards, all you need is your smartphone!

In addition, current users can expect the following:

  • Childcare Tax Credit: Users wishing to receive a copy of their childcare enrollment for their 2021 taxes will need to submit a request by December 27, 2021. Mountain Rec will no longer have access to any records in CivicRec after December 31, 2021.
  • Credits/Scholarships/Balances/Punchcards: After a SmartRec account has been created by a user; all punchcards, balances, credits, and scholarships will be transferred by Mountain Rec.
  • State Required Rec Kids Forms: Users who submit their 2021-2022 State Forms prior to December 1 will not need to resubmit forms. Mountain Rec will transfer state forms to SmartRec once an account has been created by a user.


Email us at info@MountainRec.org or give us a call at (970) 777-8888.

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