Be proactive about you and your family’s health.

These workshops are fun and provide learning opportunities to help you in your quest for a healthy/happy life!

Bring a friend and enjoy learning together in these great workshops. We also offer a FREE trail running club, so join us in the classroom for our workshops and on the local trails too.

2020 Schedule

  • Back to Basics 2.0March 28 @Gypsum Rec Center

    What we put into our bodies can heavily influence not only our workouts but also our overall physical and mental well-being. Join us to deepen your knowledge on nutrition and how you can make the best choices for you or your family. This workshop will focus on general nutrition information and provide members with numerous hands on activities. Topics include discussions on macronutrients, food label comprehension and how to structure a well-balanced meal.

    Ages: 16+ yrs
    Date: March 28th (10:30am-12pm)
    Price: $20

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  • Fitness Foundations 2.0March 28th @Gypsum Rec Center

    Looking to take control of your workout routine? This workshop will help individuals gain a deeper understanding of fitness guidelines, teach how to structure a workout, educate on proper recovery methods and will also include hands on educational activities.

    Ages: 16+ yrs
    Date: March 28th (12:30pm-2pm)
    Price: $20

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  • Youth Weightlifting WorkshopApril 11th @Gypsum Rec Center

    Having a solid fitness foundation can be a great tool for any young athlete or individual.  This workshop will focus on teaching proper mechanics of weight training and how to apply these methods to become more confident in life and your respective sport.  Join our health and wellness supervisor Kevin Ives as he instructs on proper squat, push/pull and hinge technique.  You will also learn basic sprint mechanics as well as plyometric exercises for improved performance.

    Ages: 13-18 yrs
    Date: April 11th (10am-1pm)
    Price: $25

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