Be proactive about you and your family’s health.

These workshops are fun and provide learning opportunities to help you in your quest for a healthy/happy life!

2020 Schedule

  • Back to Basics NutritionAug 29 @Gypsum Rec Center

    Our bodies are heavily influenced everyday by what we consume, directly affecting our workouts along with our overall physical and mental well-being. Join us to deepen your knowledge on nutrition and start making an impact for you and your family’s health. Through hands on activities, we will explore fundamental nutrition information including macro-nutrients, understanding food labels, and how to structure a well-balanced meal.

    Ages: All Ages
    Date: Aug 29 (2pm-4pm)
    Price: $20

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  • Youth Weightlifting ClinicAug 29 @Gypsum Rec Center

    This is a great opportunity to learn the basic foundations of weight training.  Throughout this clinic you will learn the four main movements in strength training; the push, the pull, the squat and hinge.  This clinic will provide participants with the tools necessary to feel confident in the weight room.

    Learning the basics at a young age will help lay the foundation for future training.  Participants will not only learn how to perform each movement but also be taught the why behind exercise selection.

    Ages: 13-19
    Date: Aug 29 (9am-12pm)
    Price: $30

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  • Powerlifting MeetSep 5 @Gypsum Rec Center

    Do you think you have what it takes to take home the crown of world’s strongest person?  Join Mountain Recreation for our first Powerlifting meet!

    The Powerlifting meet will consist of a one-rep max in the following events: back squat, bench press, and deadlift.  We will have three divisions in this competition (men’s adult, woman’s adult and youth).  Each division will crown a winner!

    This event is open for individuals of all skill and experience levels.  Come test out your strength and build your self confidence.

    Event Order
    – Back Squat
    – Bench Press
    – Deadlift

    Ages: 16+ Years
    Date: Sep 5 (9am-11am)
    Price: $20

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  • Speed & Agility ClinicSep 26 @Gypsum Sports Complex Turf

    As they say in sports Speed is king.  This clinic will focus on the instruction and implementation of proper sprint mechanics.  This clinic will be both practical and educational and give participants the opportunity to learn and then apply sprint and agility mechanics.

    This is a great clinic for any youth or collegiate athlete or any individual looking to improve their overall speed and power.  The instruction in the clinic will include:

    • Intro to basic sprint mechanics
    • Introduction to concepts of how to build and structure a sprint program
    • Drills that directly correlate to increasing speed
    • Change of direction drills (agility)
    • Use of med balls to train power and strength
    • Most importantly have fun and learn!


    Ages: All Ages
    Date: Sep 26 (9am-12pm)
    Price: $30

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