New for Fall of 2020! We would like to thank The Colorado Health Foundation for awarding Mountain Recreation $325,000 over the next three years to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Learn More HERE.

At Mountain Recreation we believe everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. That is why in the fall of 2020 our team set out to ensure our entire community feels welcome in any Mountain Rec facility, program, or activity, despite many of today’s social injustices.

As a leader in the community, Mountain Recreation summons our values of courage, joy, community, learning and excellence to examine our unconscious biases, and exemplify what it means to be inclusive to all people.  The importance of diversity, equity and inclusion is larger than any one individual effort, and together we commit to this pledge as an organization:


We pledge to:

  • Find the COURAGE to challenge social norms and to honor both the unique and common experiences of people who have faced discrimination, marginalization, and micro-aggressions.
  • Choose JOY by celebrating our community as a whole and the diversity found through individual stories.
  • Listen and amplify COMMUNITY voices, especially those with differences in belief, ethnicity, race, culture, country of origin, immigration status, economic background, age, family configuration, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and ability.
  • Reassess previously accepted beliefs, create LEARNING opportunities to educate, and offer tools for social and systemic change.
  • Pursue EXCELLENCE in our facilities, programs, operations, policies, and communication so that they alleviate obstacles to access or inclusion.

Current Efforts

  • Facilitated DEI Training

    More information coming soon!

  • DEI Steering Committee

    In the fall of 2020, Mountain Rec full-time staff began a DEI Committee that provides a safe space for conversation regarding today’s systemic injustices. All full-time staff were invited to participate, and as a group analyze which issues our local Eagle County community faces and which steps we can take to be welcoming of all people.

    This committee meets once every three weeks, followed by a brief recap at the Mountain Rec monthly leadership meetings.

  • DEI Book Club

    The single skeleton key we all have in our possession to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion is the ability to be open to learning. This simple yet difficult first step allows us to reassess previously held beliefs and adopt new tools for social and systemic change.

    In August of 2020, Mountain Rec launched its first ever intraorganizational book club, open to staff, to develop an understanding of today’s social issues, systemic injustices, and how we can achieve DEI by first reflecting from within.

    Current Reading

    Aug-Oct 2020White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

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