Mountain Recreation believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Despite this firm belief, we’re unable to serve many members of the community due to our aging amenities and undersized facilities, built to serve only half of today’s population.

All Access Rec is a capital improvement project for every age and every season that will transform our rec centers, to multi-generational community hubs. Major renovations in Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum will level the playing field and allow us to introduce a new district-wide pass. So whether you’re at home or at work, an affordable, energizing community hub will be right down the road.

How will we pay for this? This project is estimated to cost the average district homeowner just $18 a month in increased taxes. Learn more HERE.

What's In it For You?

  • New additions to facilities

    We’ll complete major renovations at all three rec centers in order to improve community health and the wellbeing of our residents. You asked, we listened. Browse below to see the new amenities in Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum that our community told us they wanted.

    Edwards Field House
    New amenities:

    • Fitness center with strength training and cardio equipment
    • Fitness studios
    • Locker rooms
    • Community rooms
    • Double indoor gymnasium with hard wood floors for basketball, volleyball and pickleball
    • Demonstration Kitchen
    • Indoor walking track
    • Open gathering space

    Eagle Pool & Ice Rink
    New amenities for Phase 1:

    • Larger outdoor pool and support building
    • Trailhead improvements (portion of site work, playground, pavilion and restrooms)
    • Fitness center with strength training and cardio equipment
    • Fitness studios
    • Locker rooms
    • Community rooms
    • Double hardwood gymnasium with indoor walking track

    Gypsum Rec Center
    New Amenities:

    • Bumped out two-story fitness center
    • Gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, pickleball
    • Outdoor splash pad
    • Major mechanical upgrades
    • Replacing the current roof
  • New community spaces and programs

    We’ll provide year-round access to new community spaces, behavioral health programs, and social activities for all.

    The Mountain Rec Board sees the role of the District to serve as the large public facility operator, providing access to the entire community. The District’s role is to offer welcoming public spaces that can be activated by our staff and by local non-profits to address each and every need.

    By taking the time to listen, our concept plans have evolved from a traditional athletics approach, to include year-round health and wellness spaces. This includes: a plethora of flexible multi-purpose spaces for programming, social gathering areas, and indoor walking tracks, effectively converting the existing sports-focused recreation center into a community center and community social hub.

    The improved facilities would have the opportunity to serve as an upstream prevention strategy encouraging youth and adults to engage in healthy and positive behaviors. Partners who are currently activating our facilities include:

    • Eagle County Schools
    • Eagle County Public Health
    • Climate Action Collaborative
    • The Cycle Effect
    • My Future Pathways
    • Hearts Reign
    • Eagle Valley Behavioral Health
    • Neighborhood Navigators
    • Howard Head Sports Medicine
    • Vail Mountaineers
    • Vail Lacrosse
    • Vail Valley Soccer Club
    • COPA Soccer / YouthPower365
    • La Liga
    • Battle Mountain Huskies Hockey
    • Battle Mountain Lacrosse
    • Three Rivers Baseball
    • Many more!
  • New all-access membership pass

    We’ll upgrade and expand our three facilities, allowing us to introduce an affordable district-wide pass for all residents.

    What does this mean for you?
    This means that if you live up-valley and are visiting friends down-valley you are covered. This means that if you live down-valley and work up-valley, a lunch time workout is now a reality. This means year round access to modern fitness centers and hardwood gymnasiums at all three of our community hubs. This means access to ice skating in Eagle, year-round access to aquatics in Gypsum, and year round access to indoor turf in Edwards.

    This means equitable access to each of our community hubs for one affordable price, regardless of where you live, work, or wish to play. This means a more unified district and connected communities.

  • Pros and Cons

    Pro Statements

    • Voting YES on 6A (All Access Rec) allows Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District to improve its facilities and enhance programs for kids, families, adults and seniors.
    • Voting YES on 6A recognizes that recreation and exercise plays an important role in individual and community health and wellbeing.
    • Voting YES on 6A signifies an investment in our community that reaches across age, cultural and economic divides. It is a vote to preserve and enhance quality of life for the district’s year-round residents.


    Con Statements
    Although there were no comments filed by the constitutional deadline, below are some cons for the public to consider.

    • Voting Yes on 6A is estimated to cost the average district homeowner $18 a month in increased taxes to fund the projects under the terms of the ballot question.

$18 a month for the average homeowner

  • Mill Levy IncreaseNovember 2021 Ballot

    The Mountain Rec Board of Directors is considering a November 2021 ballot question to support the district’s All Access Rec capital improvement project. The ballot question may ask our District voters to increase Mountain Rec’s property tax mill levy to help fund bonds to complete the projects described on this page. The Board wants community members involved in this project since your feedback will help strengthen and focus this proposal.

    This project is estimated to cost the average homeowner just $18 a month in increased taxes.* Our previous mill levy increase came nearly 20 years ago and we paid off our last debt 10 years early.

    * Estimate based on Spring 2021 market conditions AND this number was updated in August 2021, LEARN MORE here.

Mountain Rec is coming to you!

Our Mountain Rec Board of Directors and staff are coming to your town this summer to host Q&A events and we want to hear from you! Chat with our board at any of the large scale community events below:

Mountain Rec Board Q&A Dates
EagleShowDown TownJuly 1, 2021
GypsumGypsum DazeJuly 17, 2021
EdwardsOutdoor Movie SeriesAugust 12, 2021

Browse through our calendar below for an additional 30+ Q&A events with Mountain Rec staff across the valley:

Send us your feedback!

Every voice matters. Send us a quick message with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi! Email us at info@MountainRec.org

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You Asked, We Listened

  • Edwards Community Center
    • On May 3, 2019 we launched a public survey to gain initial comments from the public. This survey collected 475 responses and closed on May 31st. VIEW RESULTS HERE.
    • Staff then worked with user groups and consultants to gather feedback and continue to refine the concept plan.
    • The current concept plan was shared with the public on February 10, 2020 and the comment period closed March 2, 2020. Our staff and board are reviewing the feedback to see what adjustments, if any, should be made to the draft concept plan.
      • View the draft concept plan that was share with community on Feb 10, 2020 HERE
  • Eagle Community CenterJoint Planning with Town of Eagle
    • In July 2019 we distributed a public survey with Town of Eagle to gather initial community feedback. This survey garnered 554 responses online with another 130 received at community events and closed on July 21, 2019. VIEW SURVEY RESULTS HERE.
    • In January 2020, we released initial concept plans which were based off the initial survey from July. We then asked the community for additional feedback.  VIEW CONCEPT PLANS HERE. The community feedback on these plans closed on February 7, 2020.
  • Gypsum Recreation CenterJoint Planning with Town of Gypsum

    Mountain Rec staff have worked with Town of Gypsum staff and council for proposed improvements at the Gypsum Rec Center. When the facility was initially designed and built in 2006, a bumped out fitness floor along with additional gymnasium was included as a future enhancement. To support the growing population in Gypsum, theses additions will be included in the project. One thing to keep in mind for residents of Gypsum would be the addition of the District Wide Pass once we’re able to renovate Eagle & Edwards. This would mean your membership in Gypsum would also give you access to the facilities in Edwards and Eagle to enjoy things like: Ice Skating, Outdoor Family Pool, Indoor Soccer, Trampolines, etc.

100% Transparency Delivered

  • Our Promise to You
    1. Transparency & honesty are paramount to our staff and board of directors
    2. When we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll do our best to find the answer. Sometimes the answer might be, ‘we don’t know yet’.
    3. Working in concert with our community and partners we believe we can reimagine our facilities to ensure everyone’s lives are both healthy and happy.

    Spirited debate is a healthy part of the process. We believe that a multitude of opinions (even ones in opposition!) help us create thoughtful, inclusive and informed solutions. There are going to be disagreements along the way. That’s ok. That’s actually good! The important thing to remember is that we’re all part of the same community. Working through the process with civility and respect is essential.

  • FAQ
    1. When will these projects break ground?
      • That’s a tough question to answer at this time, but ultimately, that’s up to YOU! Everything is contingent on whether voters within the Mountain Rec Special District approve a mill levy increase. Our staff and board are diligently working to secure funding from other sources along with weighing community input on new amenities. Our goal is to create a plan that we can execute that’s also financially responsible and represents a palatable mill increase to district voters.
    2. How much will this cost?
      • The current estimate for all three facilities is $80 million. Mountain Rec staff are working with partners (both government and private) to secure financial contributions prior to a potential November 2021 ballot question. The hope is to reduce the tax burden by working with local partners.
    3. Are you getting second opinions on construction costs?
      • Yes! Once we have formalized construction plans we will hire a independent third party consultant to analyze the documents and share their feedback on where we could save on cost. All construction contracts will be put out for bids in accordance with Colorado law.
    4. Will everything I see on these concept plans happen?
      • Most likely what you see in both concept plans will incorporate a phased approach due to costs. The current plan in Edwards could be possible to complete without phasing, but that largely depends upon funding.
    5. When was the last time Mountain Rec asked voters for a mill levy increase?
      • Voters approved a mill levy increase in 2002 to our current levy of 3.65 mills
  • You Said it! Community Feedback
    • ‘Basalt should first take a trip to Western Eagle County and see how Mountain Rec operates. Three facilities in three towns. Phenomenal programming. Something for everyone.’ – Alan O.
    • ‘Beautiful clean facility, modernized and brand new equipment. Staff is friendly and informative.” Google review for Gypsum Rec Center
    • “This wonderful Rec Center has something for every age and physical ability. Friendly and helpful front desk and trainers are amazing!
      There are too many amenities to mention! This is a great gym and joining again has made exercising fun!” Google review for Gypsum Rec Center

Funded/Completed Projects

  • Eagle Sports Complex Restroom BuildingCompleted April 2021

    Staying true to our process, we asked the community what they wanted to see at the Eagle Sports Complex through an online survey and by meeting with a diverse collection of user groups and stakeholders. We continued to share concept plans with the community and user groups to settle on the new building concept which is scheduled to break ground spring 2020. We upgraded the restrooms and provided more shade, two of the items most requested by the community. This project is being paid for in full without asking voters for more money.


    We broke ground in the fall of 2020 on this project and expect phase one of construction to be complete in March 2021 for the spring and summer season

    You can view the full master plan for the Eagle Sports Complex HERE. This is a great example of master plan being split into phases. It also shows how architectural designs change during the process as we receive community and construction input.

  • Eagle Pool & Ice RinkBuilt in 2003 in partnership with Town of Eagle

    Recognizing the community’s needs were not being met by the outdoor pool in Eagle, Mountain Rec worked with Town of Eagle to fund and build the current Eagle Pool & Ice Rink facility. The total cost of the facility was $5.2 million and Mountain Rec provided funding for about half of the project with Town of Eagle providing the other half. Mountain Rec paid the bonds issued 10 years ahead of schedule.

    Town of Eagle and Mountain Rec place funds in the capital reserves annually to ensure facility is maintained and operated at its current service level.

    Learn more about the current planning project for the Pool & Ice Rink HERE.

  • Gypsum Rec CenterBuilt in 2006 | Remodel in 2018 in partnership with Town of Gypsum

    The Gypsum Rec Center was built in 2006. Mountain Recreation provided $3 million towards the cost and Town of Gypsum sales tax revenue paid the remaining balance of approximately $10.5 million. Mountain Rec has a current intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Town of Gypsum to operate the facility. Both organizations place funds in the capital reserves annually.

    In 2017, we asked Gypsum residents what facility improvements they wished to see via online survey at the Gypsum Rec Center. We then delivered a $500,000 facility facelift and membership restructure in cooperation with our partners at the Town of Gypsum who shared the cost with the District.

    We completed the remodel of a new layout and fitness floor, provided HVAC repairs and replaced outdated fitness equipment, without raising taxes. Listening to the survey responses, we removed barriers to health by including fitness classes, child watch, and tumble tots with facility memberships. Staying true to our stated vision of providing both access and equity, our membership rates remained among the lowest in the Valley.

    Learn more about the current Gypsum Rec Center planning process HERE.

  • Edwards Field HouseBuilt in 2009

    The Edwards Field House was built with funds from bonds issued 2008, which were repaid from the current mill levy.  The 2008 bonds were paid off ahead of schedule with funding from the existing tax levy. The total cost to build the Edwards Field House was $9 million. Currently, the District is debt-free and paid off the debt incurred to build the Field House 10 years early in 2017.

    Learn more about the current planning process for the Edwards Field House HERE.

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